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I'm just the average guy living next door to you, a father of three going through the grind to support his family. I've spent 20 of the past 25 years living in Lake Forest or Foothill Ranch, with a four-year detour in Kansas and a forgettable 10 months in Las Vegas. I've been married for 12 years to my junior college sweetheart (we met at Saddleback) and we're both graduates of El Toro High.
I grew up reading the Saddleback Valley News and riding my bike to the 1-2-3/4-5-6 theaters on El Toro Road. I remember when Bake ended at Trabuco and when there were just stop signs at Ridge Route and Toledo. Yeah, I've been here a while! I'm a physical fitness enthusiast and I'm a very passionate member of the autism community. My middle child, Jack, is severely autistic, which makes things difficult on my family. But my wife and I fight to make things better for him and others. In 2010, I ran 61 full marathons to raise money and awareness for a charity I'm a part of called Train 4 Autism. I write about health/fitness, autism and other random things that come to mind. I work as a web developer so I'm a geek at heart. I like to think I have some people skills, though! All-in-all, I'm just another guy fighting through this world and I'm proud to call Saddleback Valley home!
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