This Daddy/Daughter Dance Could Have Been Heartbreaking. Instead These Daughters of a Fallen Officer Got a Special Surprise

The Fenton girls were escorted to the dance by three of their dad's fellow officers. The photo gallery will make you smile.

Credit: The Officer Patrick O'Rourke Memorial Facebook Page
Credit: The Officer Patrick O'Rourke Memorial Facebook Page
Fenton, Mich. – The daughters of a fallen West Bloomfield Township officer received a special surprise for their daddy/daughter dance, according to a memorial Facebook page for the officer.

Their dad, Officer Patrick O'Rourke, was killed in the line of duty in 2012, according to a Lansing State Journal story. Three of O'Rourke's fellow officers stepped up to the plate and took the girls to the dance.

Read more on the Detroit Free Press.

VIDEO: Watch the girls and their dates. 

Diana C. February 14, 2014 at 10:12 AM
These gentleman deserve a pat on the back. I thank them for watching our backs and keeping us safe. Why would you want to sour this posting? Did you watch the video? Those officers were there when their friend officer O'Rourke passed. Being there for those children brought a bit of peace to their hearts!! A posting like this might brighten someone's day to the point of them helping a family in need. When my son's were young they thought they lost their daddy. He was gone many months serving his country and keeping "YOU" safe. Volunteer's helped my son's and those who had one parent. Let's be thoughtful and thankful to our Police officers, Military and those who bring a smile to those children in need. Simper Fi
D. Rimkunas February 14, 2014 at 10:35 AM
Dorothy, your logic is flawed. All children do not attain honor roll-should we ban the assemblies? All children do not have perfect attendance-again should we ban those certificates? Not everyone celebrates Kwaanzaa-should it be banned? Not everyone has a spouse to walk down the aisle with-should weddings be banned? Life is complex and unfair at times- just how it is!
B. Dub February 14, 2014 at 10:40 AM
Dorothy, Life sucks. Get a helmet.
DEBBIE February 14, 2014 at 11:04 AM
What a great story. It made my day. Those three young ladies will remember this amazing evening for the rest of their lives. They can share these stories of genuine compassion to their children. Looks as though they had one heck of a great time. Thank you to the three gentlemen for stepping up to the plate in making the dreams of these girls come true. You are true gentlemen. To these three American Heroes thank you for your service. RIP Officer O'Rourke and thank you for serving America. Know that your little girls are in good hands. This was truly a tribute to honor your memory. There is no group stronger than America's Band of Brothers. Bless you.
Figalicious February 18, 2014 at 11:05 AM
This is a sweet story and kudos to the officers for stepping up but to correct a few posts, he was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty, not a military officer. From the Detroit Press, "O’Rourke was killed Sept. 9, 2012, when a man opened fire at police officers who responded to a call about a suicidal person.".


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