WATCH: Rare Fin Whale 'Finnegan' Visits Dana Point

Whale lovers have been treated over the past three days to the sights of the massive whale by the crew of the 95-foot 'Dana Pride.'

Whale lovers off Dana Point have been treated over the past three days to the sights of a fin whale nicknamed "Finnegan" by the crew of the 95-foot Dana Pride, of Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, according to General Manager, and Laguna Niguel Patch blogger, Donna Kalez.


"Finnegan has just been chillin' about 1.5 miles from the harbor and when the boat comes out, the whale comes over and lays on the surface. It's quite an awesome sight," said Capt. Jack VanDyke, Dana Pride's skipper.

Capt. Jack told the passengers: " 'It's like he's our pet and we have a leash on him,' " Kalez said.

"Although we are in the start of the gray whale season, this fin whale wants in on the action, the media action," Kalez laughed.

In this video, you can see the entire length of this fin whale, the second largest whale in the world behind the blue whale, she said.

Fins are known as the fastest whales -- or the greyhounds of the sea--"but as you can tell from the video he is relaxing off our coast," she said.


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