Newport Company's Tasty Farts Win Candy Show Award

The little poofs come in four flavors. And, of course, kids love them.

Tasty ... you know.
Tasty ... you know.

By Dennis Robaugh

And the prize for "Most Innovative Product" goes to ... the makers of Farts Candy.

From the folks who brought you Whoppers and Jolly Ranchers, Farts are chewy and offer "more intense flavors," according to the candymaker, Leaf Brands LLC, which collaborated with Jelly Belly inventor David Klein.

So named because the candies are shaped "like little poofs," the candymaker is aiming for giggles. If not from you, then definitely your kids.

Competing against 250 other candies, Farts won the innovative product award at the 2014 National Sweets and Snacks Show in Chicago, which ran for three days this week at McCormick Place.

"We were competing with some of the largest candy companies in America," Ellia Kassoff, CEO of Leaf Brands, based in Newport Beach, CA, told CSPNet.com. Kassoff came up with the name while out one day walking his dogs.

"Not only does the name make you laugh, we believe it's a great tasting candy, which brings fun back into the industry. When we initially came out with Farts, people didn't believe us and asked, 'Is it real?' I then gave them the product to try, and they couldn't stop eating it."

The candies will be available for retail sale this July.

Farts come in four delightful flavors: fruity, sour, pure and "Almost No Sugar."

Because there's no such thing as a sugar-free fart.
cmsherriepr May 26, 2014 at 01:07 PM
If I eat a fruity Fart, will my farts come out fruity? Cuz that's better than what I have now! Can I eat a Fart with, say, cole slaw, will it replace the Beano? I can't wait for July!!


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