Schools Chief Heads to Trial for Alleged Shenanigans With Gal Pal

Newport-Mesa Unified Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard goes to court this week on felony charges from his job as superintendent in Beverly Hills, where he allegedly gave an illegal bonus to a subordinate with whom he was exchanging racy emails.

The day of reckoning has arrived for Newport-Mesa Unified School District Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard, who faces trial this week on charges of misappropriating public funds while serving as chief of the Beverly Hills school district.

If convicted, he could lose his credentials and job -- and go to prison -- but his pension would be unaffected, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

Hubbard is accused of giving subordinate Karen Christiansen -- who was just -- a $20,000 bonus and fatter car allowance without school board permission. He allegedly gave another illegal bonus to underling Nora Roque, who later followed him to Newport-Mesa.

The backstory behind the allegations is that Hubbard and Christiansen were dating and carrying on a steamy email relationship at work. According to documents obtained by the Orange County Register, Hubbard sent emails calling Christiansen "hot stuff" and telling her he loved her.

He also sent notes full of cheesy sexual innuendo. For example, while referring to a steakhouse, he wrote: "OH MY GOD! I AM COMING! (To Mastro’s, of course.)” 

In another exchange, after Christiansen referred to herself as Hubbard's "beck and call girl," he shot back: "Can you give me head (s up)."

To read more about Hubbard and Christiansen's racy emails, click here.

To see swimsuit photos Christiansen sent to a lawyer for the Beverly Hills school district, click here.

Hubbard's case will be heard in L.A. County Superior Court. Last year, Newport-Mesa teachers gave him a no-confidence vote.


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