Parents Chime in on Search for New Schools Chief

Parents say an open-door policy should be intact when the new superintendent takes the reigns of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Parents from across the Newport-Mesa Unified School District have spent the last several weeks expressing what types of attributes they want to see in the new superintendent. On Thursday it was Newport Coast Elementary's turn to chime in on the selection process.

Nora Roque, the district's director of classified personnel, took center stage at the meeting and encouraged the group of parents and community members to openly state their opinions regarding the qualities they would like to see in the new superintendent.

“It’s really important to us that all of this is visible to everyone, that this is really transparent,” Roque said. “It’s important that everyone can see everything that’s happening as much as possible. It’s really critical. All of this information will be shared with the board and the new superintendent.”

Displayed around the room were white boards that were labeled with various topics in which the parents could discuss amongst themselves the importance of such issues as the strengths and weaknesses of N-MUSD, current critical needs of N-MUSD, and prospective leadership qualities of the new superintendent. Parents wrote down their opinions on the white boards as well as rated the value of expressed opinions using a tally system. Once the boards were filled, photographs were taken of the boards to be posted on the N-MUSD website.

Ellie, a Newport Coast parent and PTA board member, said she felt the need to come out and participate. Important qualities she wishes the new superintendent to have will be an effective open-door policy.

“I feel very confident that my voice is heard," Ellie said. "The way they are processing this is very impressive.”

Meeting summaries and photos of all community-input meetings can be found on the N-MUSD website. Anyone who did not attended a meeting can complete a survey online through Monday, April 30.

The application process will officially close on May 4 and the board’s goal is to hire a new superintendent by June 26.

What types of qualities would you like to see in the new superintendent? Tell us in the comments.


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