Newport Attorney Warns About Bad Teen Decisions

At a recent Corona del Mar Parent Teacher Association meeting, tips to keep kids from making bad decisions were given to parents.

Sometimes good kids can make bad decisions, but officials say there are ways to help keep them on the right path.

Kate Corrigan, a Newport Beach-based criminal defense attorney, spoke to a group of parents at a PTA meeting earlier this month at Corona del Mar High School about the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Corrigan said in her practice she sees countless cases of kids who make bad choices and land themselves in hot water with the law and ruining their chances of getting into college.

"Parents are spending what they would have spent on college to keep their son or daughter out of prison," Corrigan told parents.  

Teens have many bad influences when it comes to alcohol and drugs, and Corrigan says its essential for parents to set a good example. According to Corrigan, minors caught driving with alcohol or marijuana in the car will be faced with a one-year suspension of their driver's license. Additionally, a DUI is issued for any level of alcohol in their blood as there is zero tolerance for minors.

"Just taking away the drug does not cure the problem," Corrigan said. "Always offer to drive them if they find themselves in situations where no one is sober."

For more parent resources, visit cdmpta.com.


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