Council to Consider Outsourcing Trash Collection

City officials say outsourcing trash collection could save Newport Beach more than $17 million.

Newport Beach City Hall (Photo credit Nisha Gutierrez-Jaime)
Newport Beach City Hall (Photo credit Nisha Gutierrez-Jaime)
In a move that could potentially save Newport Beach more than $17 million dollars, the City Council on Tuesday will consider outsourcing its trash collection.

As it stands Newport Beach's trash collection is done by city employees, but officials said staff has been exploring whether contracting trash collection would save the city money for a few years. The city received seven proposals and hired a consultant to review each one.

“We’ve looked at this for a protracted period because refuse collection is an area where we provide excellent service and our residents appreciate it,” City Manager Dave Kiff said. “However, when you become one of the few agencies left in the country that handles a service in-house, and it’s clear that the private sector can match or exceed the level of service provided, it makes good business sense to gather proposals and consider contracting out.”

According to city officials, the lowest bids would result in a savings of about $17 million over seven-years. Under the lowest bid, residents would be able to receive and use as many free cans as they want or need, and would be able to choose the size of can they want to use, officials said.

At its September 10 meeting, staff will recommend the City Council start negotiations with up to two service providers with staff returning at a later meeting with the winning bid.

“A cost savings of $17 million over seven years, while providing the same or enhanced level of service, is a compelling reason to give this serious consideration,” Mayor Keith Curry said.

With the potential savings from outsourcing trash collection, Kiff said the city could use the money on other things including beautification projects and infrastructure improvements.

The city’s municipal code states residents can't be charged for trash collection, expect for a couple of newly annexed areas including Santa Ana Heights, and that would remain the same if outsourcing is approved.

“If we move forward with the negotiations, our goal will be to preserve the same high level of service provided today while significantly reducing the city’s operations and maintenance costs,” Kiff added.

The Newport Beach City Council will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 100 Civic Center Dr.

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ace September 06, 2013 at 01:16 PM
The city of Newport Beach should be outsourcing a lot more than just Trash. Just wait till the Pension Tsunami hits this city, It will be UGLY Govt gone Wild I have an idea Lets build a New Civic Center and spend $400 million
ace September 06, 2013 at 01:19 PM
"With the potential savings from outsourcing trash collection, Kiff said the city could use the money on other things including beautification projects and infrastructure improvements." Instead of spending the savings Payoff some DEBT ...you idiots
David Huntsman September 06, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Timely. Just this morning I pointed out to my wife that the NB's trucks have built in safety skirting between the front and rear wheels that help to prevent kids on bicycles or skateboards from getting under the truck in the event a driver makes a sudden left or right. Features like this have just been mandated for all trucks entering the City of London. I also have noted how careful and thoughtful "our" driver seems to be. I wouldn't expect this from an outside contractor.
bbrunda September 08, 2013 at 08:33 PM
We get pretty good service from our city employees, I'd hate to lose that. Be it waiting for one more bag to come out, taking an oversize Xmas tree, etc, they are patient and courteous. These days that's not easy to find. I also doubt if the projected savings will be as much as projected, they rarely are. I vote for continueing with our current service, and continuing to try to find ways to make that service as efficient as possible.


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