City Council to Consider New Bike Committee

At its March 12 meeting, the Newport Beach City Council will discuss approving the formation of a Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee.

The Newport Beach City Council is scheduled to consider forming a Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee to focus on improving bike safety and access throughout the city.

If approved by the City Council at its meeting on March 12, the committee would provide guidance and create a forum for public input as the city develops its first Bicycle Master Plan. The BMP, which would take about 12-18 months to develop, would promote cycling, improve bike facilities, create an education and outreach plan and balance the needs of all roadway users in Newport Beach.

“I see the development of a Bike Master Plan as an important step forward in making Newport Beach a safe and accessible biking community,” Mayor Keith Curry said. “We look forward to receiving the community’s input in this exciting effort.”

The city’s former Citizen’s Bicycle Safety Committee, which expired in January, recommended the development of a citywide BMP.

If approved, the committee would be made up of seven community members and Councilman Tony Petros as the committee chairman. Members would be people with experience in casual, recreational and commuter bicycling.

A consulting firm that specializes in bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle mobility will also help with the BMP.

Do you have any suggestions for the Bicycle Master Plan? Tell us in the comments.

michael w. March 08, 2013 at 10:25 PM
Only comment is that there should be very tough laws and pentalities for anyone who hits or runs over anyone on a bike. It seems that if you hit a bicyclist you get off with a ticket and a fine, it should be if you hit a bicyclist you got to Jail, (for a long time) loose your license and car and pay a hefty fine! A bicyclist is a human being we should value that persons life and not cut it short.


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