Candidates Speak at Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle, a representative of Assemblyman Allan Mansoor and Tony Petros talk about the candidacies.

This month's Government Affairs Meeting in Corona del Mar included informal speeches from candidates vying for new political seats.

Newport Beach Councilwoman Leslie Daigle, who is running in the 74th Assembly District race against Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, and Tony Petros, a candidate to replace termed out Councilman Steve Rosansky for the Newport Beach City Council seat in District 2, spoke at Thursday's meeting at the Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce. A representative for Mansoor addressed the audience as well.

In her presentation Daigle discussed several areas of priority, including her desire to help small businesses, a plan to restore old buildings and continuing her efforts to help clean the waters of the Back Bay.

“I have a vision of safe neighborhoods, safe council meetings and people finding jobs and quality education," Daigle said. "The engine for that is leadership, and we’re going to get their by working together and collaborating and working with partnerships."

Daigle also commented on Mansoor, saying he doesn't have the ability to handle legislature.     

“Allan Mansoor has been completely ineffective and irrelevant with legislature, he has not gotten one bill out of committee, and the things he comes up with, people laugh at,” she said.    

Chad Morgan, a representative from Mansoor's office, responded to Daigle's claims.

“Among Republicans in Sacramento Allan Mansoor is one of the leading voices for pension reform,” Morgan said. “I’m willing to bet he is the only Republican who got a Pension Plan Reform Bill passed out of committee, and that’s one of the inaccurate statements that I’ll address that Ms. Daigle said.”

The pension would have allowed some districts in California to create a second tier of benefits for their employees, but while it passed out of committee, it didn’t pass on the floor. Morgan also mentioned that its going to be hard for Daigle as a Republican to work with Democrats.

“They don’t negotiate with Republicans. The only way a Republican is going to make a deal with a Democrat on serious issues like pension reform or state budget is if they’re willing to vote for tax increases," Morgan said. "Daigle thinks she’s going to be a wheeler and dealer in Sacramento and have a serious voice on major issues in Sacramento, then she has to be willing to trade a tax increase for that, and taxes in California are the highest in the country.”

Petros, who has worked for a local planning and engineer firm for his entire career, also spoke of his future plans for CDM and answered questions.

“My parents brought me up with the notion of serving,” Petros said. “And I feel that’s the biggest thing we can do through chambers of commerce, through our church groups, through any avenue that you feel comfortable. This is something I have always wanted to do, and I have the opportunity and the skill set to do it."

The Government Affairs meetings are held at the Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce the second Thursday of each month.


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