Police Warn Public of Possible Home Repair Scam in Newport Beach

Two men have been contacting residents on Liberty about roof leaks they supposedly spotted while working on a nearby roof, police say.

Newport Beach police are warning the public about a potential home repair scam. Graphic courtesy the Newport Beach Police Department.
Newport Beach police are warning the public about a potential home repair scam. Graphic courtesy the Newport Beach Police Department.
From the Newport Beach Police Department:

On July 10, 2014, two men knocked on a resident’s door in the 100 block of Liberty. They asked if they could go up on the roof to search for a possible leak.

The men told the resident that, on the previous day while working on a neighbor’s home, they had noticed a “bubble” on her roof. The resident then allowed the men to access the roof.  

When they climbed back down, the men asked the resident if they could come inside and show her where the leak might be. Once inside her home, the men asked to borrow a flashlight and some rags as they continued their inspection. 

They immediately found water on top of the water heater, which they asserted was proof of the roof leak. The men told the resident that they could repair the leak, which would cost approximately $175 per square foot, with a total estimated cost of just over $4,000. The resident declined their services and the men left.

The following day, the Newport Beach Police Department received a similar report from a family member of another resident on the same street. 

In this case, an elderly man was resting in his chair when he discovered two men in his home. When he asked the men what they were doing, they said they were there to check for a roof leak.  

Similar to the scenario above, the men had located a leak above the water heater and wanted to make the repair. The elderly gentleman told the men that his son was on his way, and that they could discuss the repairs with him. The two men then left the residence before the son arrived.

As a reminder, never open your door to a stranger, but do acknowledge you’re home through a closed door. Be wary of door-to-door solicitations for home repairs, as these are often con-artists who will charge you for a repair that is never made or simply want access into your home and your property for other illicit purposes (such as burglary or identity theft). Consider placing a “No Soliciting” sign near your front door or gate to deter solicitors.

If you think you have been a victim of a repair scam, or if you believe that you see these suspects in your neighborhood, please call the police department at 949-644-3717.


1) Male Caucasian, 50 yrs, with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing Bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt. 

2) Male Caucasian, 20 yrs, with brown hair brown eyes, wearing navy blue pants and a navy blue shirt. 

The two men were seen driving a dark pickup truck, possibly brown in color, with a ladder.

For more information on various scams, please click on the link below to be connected to the FTC’s SCAM ALERTpage.



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