Police Shoot Pit Bulls Following Attack on Mom and Son

The extent of the victims' injuries is unknown. Police are attempting to find the owners of the pit bulls who attacked the mother and son at the Marriott Newport Coast Villas.

Three pit bulls that attacked a mother and her son early today at a Newport Beach hotel were later shot and killed by police, an official reported.

Police responded to the attack at about 5:30 a.m. at the Marriott Newport Coast Villas. Witnesses told police the pit bulls were traveling in a pack and were last seen running on the golf course. An officer located the dogs a short time later on Newport Coast Drive just north of East Coast Highway.

"When the officer exited his vehicle to approach the dogs they immediately charged him, forcing him to retreat back into his vehicle," Kathy Lowe, spokeswoman for the Newport Beach Police Department, said in a released statement. "All three dogs began aggressively attacking the police vehicle."

Additional police officers and an animal control vehicle responded to the scene and tried to safely corral and capture the pit bulls, but were unable to get out of their vehicles because of the dogs' aggressive behavior.

"Officers were not only concerned for their own safety, but more importantly this location is frequented by joggers, cyclists, golfers, and many others," Lowe said. "After assessing the vicious and aggressive behavior of these pit bulls, and in the interest of public safety, the supervisor on scene authorized the officers to euthanize the dogs."

The female victim and her son were transported to a local hospital and the extent of their injuries was unknown, Lowe said. The dogs were taken to the Orange County Animal Shelter, but did not have tags or microchips.

Anyone with information about the pit bulls are asked to contact Newport Beach Animal Control at 949-622-2608.

debbie bell August 15, 2012 at 07:39 AM
Pits are the best at killing. That's why essentially ALL US dog fighters use only pits. Yes pits often do not act aggressive towards strong people: vets, groomers, referees in dog fights. However, accounts of good pit bulls describe how they can read opponents weaknesses and work to defeat their opponents. Pits do seem to often choose weak viictims. The elderly neighbor dog, the small child on the front sidewalk, the arthritic senior citizen. Read Stratton's book This is the American Pit Bull Terrier. He loves pits for what they can do: kill other dogs. PIts are the best at killing other dogs. So let them become extinct. Dog breeds are not equal to human races. God/nature created races. Humans created all dog breeds thru selective breeding. Cruel humans created the pit bulls, designed to kill other dogs. Just because they succeeded in breeding the best dog for killing other dogs is not sufficient reason to continue breeding pits. Before pits, we did not have dog fighting, perhaps because a reved up Dobe or Rottie may be more likely to severely injure humans. so dog fighting with non-pits isn't as much "fun". So, "be kind to dog fighters, keep breeding pits?" Is that what you propose?
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Breed bans can get people hurt by giving them a false sense of security. ANY dog can be a threat. Look at how many news articles I can find about breeds such as golden retrievers and labs killing or maiming people or small animals. They have the steriotype of being the most safe dogs around children. Its funny how when a pitbull kills someone, the news is all over it, but when other breeds KILL people, we hardly hear anything. Even though “other dogs dont kill people” is the main excuse I hear from breed ban supporters. Though i think the following news articles prove otherwise. Chocolate lab attacks 9 year old. And guess what…they actually went after the owner on this one. Its a miracle. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/July/chocolate%20lab%200710.pdf Greyhound bites 2 year old twice-and is getting a repreive from being put down. If this was a pit, it would already be put down. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/July/greyhound0710.pdf 13 year old attacked by german shepherd, a new hampshire drug sniffing police dog. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/July/NH%20State%20Police%20dog%20bites%20kid%200710.pdf Chow mix and 2 black labs attacks man, dogs were unprovoked. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/June/chow%20and%202%20black%20lab%20mixes%20attack%20man%200609.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Husky kills newborn http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/June/husky%20kills%20newborn%20mother%20charged%200610.pdf 2 german shepherd attack man and his golden retriever puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/May/GSD%200510.pdf Chihuahua mix attacked police officer and was shot because it wouldnt let go even after being tasered. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/April/chi%20shot%20by%20police0410.pdf Town finally cracks down on stray dogs after woman is attacked by stray german shepherd http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/April/mixedbreed%20shepherd%200410.pdf Sled dogs kill toddler http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/April/Sled%20dogs%20kill%20toddler%200410.pdf Black lab mix viciously attacks woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/March/black%20lab%20mix%200310.pdf Loose black lab attacks woman as she was getting out of her car http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/March/possible%20Black%20Lab%200310.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:38 PM
2 hunting dogs killed a womans cat http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/March/two%20hunting%20dogs%20attack%20cat0310.pdf 2 great danes attacked and killed 40 sheep before farmer shot them http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/Februrary/great%20danes%20attack%20sheep%200210.pdf Miniature dachshund killed by boxer lab mix http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/Jan/boxer%20labrador%200110.pdf Loose lab attacks 56 year old man while walking http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2010/Jan/Labrador%200110.pdf Toddler killed by weimaraner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/December/Toddler%20killed%20by%20Weimeramer%201209.pdf Alaskan malamute kills 49 year old woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/December/malamute%20bites%20woman%20dies%201209.pdf Officer shoots shibu inu that mauled woman. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/December/shiba%20inu%201209.pdf Woman injured after stepping in to protect small dog from 2 german shepherds. The dogs had to be taserd to get them to let go of the woman. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/December/Two%20GSDS%20killed%20by%20police1209.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Lab/husky mix killed a neighbors poodle http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/labhuskymix%20kills%20toy%20poodle.pdf Lab nearly kills pomeranian http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/Black%20Lab%201109.pdf Bulldog kills neighbor jack russel terrier http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/bull%20dog%201109.pdf Greyhound kills puppy at local park http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/Greyhound%20classified%20as%20vicious%20after%20killing%20another%20dog%201109.pdf Joe Namaths lab deemed “dangerous” and is allegedly involved in 4 different attacks http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/Lab%20declared%20dagerous%201109.pdf Woman loses both legs in chihuahua attack http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/November/woman%20looses%20both%20legs%20after%20chi%20bites%20her%201109.pdf Mastiff kills miniature dachshund http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/October/mastiff%20mix%201009.pdf Great dane attacked and mangled a boys face, and is NOT being put down. WTF? http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/October/great%20dane%201009.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:39 PM
Neighbors german shepard mix jumped the fence and attcked a 6 year old boy. This instance wasnt the first time the dog attacked the little boy, its just that the first time, authorities did nothing. How much do you want to bet that if the dog had been a pit, the second attack never would have never happened because the dog would have already been put down? http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/September/gsd%20mix0909.pdf Black lab and yellow lab finally held after 3 attacks http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/August/black%20lab%20mix%20and%20a%20yellow%20lab%20mix%20multiple%20attacks%200809.pdf Golden retriever kills small dog http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/August/Golden%20Retriver%20kills%20small%20dog%200809.pdf Husky mauls toddler while owner stands by. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/August/Husky%20mauls%20toddler%200809.pdf Lab attack puts 15 month old in critical condition http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/August/Labrador%20bites%20toddler%20whose%20in%20critical%20but%20stable%200709.pdf A wolf hybrid, a family pet, dragged the families infant out of its crib and into the yard. Baby was in critical condition when rush to the hospital. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/July/Wolfhybrid%200709.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Man who fought to ban pits in area fights to keep his lab after it attacked someone. Ironic isnt it? http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/June/yellow%20lab%200609.pdf 2 labs and a boxer kill a horse http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/June/boxer%20and%20two%20labs%20kill%20horse%200609.pdf Man mauled to death by two alsatians http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/May/man%20dies%20two%20alsatian%20dogs%20attack%200509.pdf Mastiff kills puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/May/mastiff%20kills%20puppy%200509.pdf Boxer/pointer mix mauls woman and her two year old son http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/April/Boxer%20pointer%20initialy%20id%20as%20pit%200409.pdf Family husky mauls infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/April/Family%20husky%20mauls%20infant%200409.pdf Former state representative Mark Wright’s labrador attacked a second person. The first time it happened, he said he would have the dog put down… http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/April/Labrador%20strikes%20again%200409.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Yellow lab attacks seven year old girl but attorney deems the dog “not dangerous” http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/March/yellow%20lab%20bites%20child%20but%20not%20deemed%20danterous%200309.pdf Chow killed 2 week old infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/March/chow%20family%20dog%20kills%202%20wk%20old.pdf Mixed breed killed 8 year old girl http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/January/fatal%20attack%20siberian%20husky%200109.pdf 3 week old infant killed by siberian husky http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2009/January/fatal%20attack%20siberian%20husky%200109.pdf Child mauled by cocker spaniel http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/December/Kid%20mauled%20by%20Cocker%20Spaniel%201208.pdf 5 huskies returned after killing neighbors dog http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/December/5%20huskies%20released%20after%20killing%20neighbors%20terrier%201208.pdf Alsatian kills family pet, and the owner of the alsatian just turned and walked away. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/November/Alsatian%20killed%20famlies%20dog%201108.pdf Husky kills infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/September/husky%20kills%20infant%200908.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Woman lies about the dog that bit her child. She said it was a loose shepherd mix, when in fact it was the families lab mix. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/August/Lab%20mix%20parent%20lied%20about%20attack%200708.pdf Infant killed by black lab http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/July/Black%20Lab%20and%20or%20Pug.pdf Lab kills 2 month old left alone in swing http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/July/fatal%20Labrador%200708.pdf Sheepdog mix kills one year old child http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/July/fatal%20attack%20sheepdog%20mix%200708.pdf Golden retriever/lab mix and an australian shepherd fatally maul a woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/June/Fatal%20attack%20on%20owner%20aus%20shepherd%20and%20golden%20ret%20lab%20mix%200608.pdf A pair of blue heelers attack a woman and she is saved by her pitbull http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/May/Pit%20bull%20saves%2066%20yr%20old%20owner%20from%202%20attacking%20dogs%200508.pdf German shepherd kills small dog http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/June/GSD%20kills%20small%20dog%200608.pdf Hound kills baby swans http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/May/hound%20kills%20baby%20swans%200508.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Husky kills toddler http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/April/husky%20kills%20toddler%200408.pdf Lab kills bichon frise http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/April/Labrador%20kills%20another%20dog%200408.pdf 2 shepherd mixes kill sheep http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/April/two%20shep%20mixes%20kill%20sheep%200408.pdf 5 year old girl attacked by a pair of labs http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/March/child%20badly%20hurt%20when%20two%20labradors%20attack%200208.pdf Woman is saved by her pitbull when attacked by 4 stray dogs http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/March/pack%20of%20strays%20attack%20woman%20her%20pit%20bull%20saves%20the%20day%200208.pdf Retriever/german shepherd mix kills puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/March/RET%20GSD%20kills%20puppy%200308.pdf Husky kills shih tzu http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/Feb/huksy%20kills%20shih%20tzu%200208.pdf Poodle kills puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/Feb/Poodle%20declared%20dangerous%20having%20killed%20another%20dog%200208.pdf An american bulldog mix and lab/chow mix killed a family’s chihuahua http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/Feb/abd%20and%20chow%20lab%20mix%20kill%20dog%200208.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Chow mix kills puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/chowmix%20kills%20puppy%200108.pdf Sons 3 boerboel dogs brutally kill dad http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/chowmix%20kills%20puppy%200108.pdf Jack russel kills infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/Family%20JRT%20kills%20infant%200108.pdf This family owned a pit and a jack russel terrier. Guess which one brutally killed the family’s 6 week old infant. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/JRT%20KY%200108.pdf English mastiff “used as a weapon” http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/english%20mastiff%20used%20in%20threatening%20manner%200108.pdf Bull mastiff kills puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/Bull%20mastiff%20mauls%20puppy%200108.pdf Man killed by pack of stray dogs. None were pits. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/man%20killed%20by%20pack%20of%20mogrels%200108.pdf Doberman/pincher mix kills 8 month old baby http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2008/January/man%20killed%20by%20pack%20of%20mogrels%200108.pdf Huskies kill cat http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/December/Huskies%20kill%20cat%201207.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Pack of greyhounds attack man and his yorkshire terrier http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/December/Pack_of%20greyhounds%20attack%20man%20and%20his%20dogs%201207.pdf 12 year old attacked by beagle. “You always think it’s a Pitbull or Rottweiler. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, you never know when this will happen to your kid,” Irene said. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/November/Beagle1107.pdf Dachshund mutilates sleeping infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/November/Dachshund1107.pdf 11 year old boy used german shepherd “as a weapon” against an 8 year old girl http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/November/11yr%20old%20sicks%20GSD%20on%20girl%201007.pdf Siberian husky kills chickens and ducks http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/November/Siberian%20Husky%20attacks%20chickens%20and%20ducks%201007.pdf Boxer and boston terrier attack woman and her puppy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/October/Boxer%20boston%20terrier%201007.pdf Great dane kills beagle http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/October/GreatDane1007.pdf Officer shot and killed aggressive lab http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/October/officershootslab1007.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:47 PM
“Family” german shepherd kills 2 year old boy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/Sept/GSDfatalattack1007.pdf 3 labs terrorize and kill neighborhood cats http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/Sept/threeblacklabskillingcatsinneighborhood0907.pdf Mountain sheepdog kills woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/Sept/weiner%20dog0907.pdf Husky kills infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/August/Husky%20kills%20infant%200807.pdf Lab killed maltese http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/August/Labkillsdog0801.pdf Lab attacks city worker, and then police http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/July/labrador%20attacks%20city%20worker%20then%20attacks%20police%200607.pdf Pack of greyhound mixes kill owner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/June2007/IW-greyhounds0607australianfatalattack.pdf Chow/lab mix kills owner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/June2007/fatalattack0607%20ind%20B.pdf 2 Chow mixes kill owner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/June2007/indychowlabmixesfatal0607A.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Woman killed by pack of 14 greyhound/irish wolfhound mixes http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/June2007/IW-greyhounds0607australianfatalattack.pdf Elderly woman killed by doberman and german shepherd http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/May/GSD%20and%20Dobe%20fatal%20attackTX%200507.pdf child scarred for life by jack russel terrier but will not be put down because its not listed as a dangerous breed. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/May/Totscarred%20for%20life%20JRT%200307.pdf 3 great danes kill beloved family beagle http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/April/3%20great%20danes%20kill%20beloved%20pet0407.pdf Golden retriever and australian shepherd killed owner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/March/GoldenRetrieverputtodeath%20after%20fatal%20attack0307.pdf German shepherd kills owners mother http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2007/January/GSD0107.pdf 2 great pyrenese killed man and allowed to live http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/December/grand%20Pyrenees%20get%20to%20live.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Presa canario kills owner. I just have to quote the writer of the article. “The dog that attacked Willey was a Presa Canario, akin to a pit bull.” Basically, shes saying that its not a pitbull but shes going to call it one anyway because it kind of resembles a pitbull. http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/August/PresaFatality0806.pdf Sled dogs kill 2 year old http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/July/fatalattacksleddogs0706.pdf Chocolate lab, mixed breed, and possible great pyrenese killed woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/June/Fatalattackd4dogs0606.pdf Pomeranian attacks pitbull http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/April/pitbullattackedbypomeranion0406.pdf Two lab mixes kill pomeranian and attack pitbull http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/March06/mixedbreedlabs.pdf Chained great dane kills woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/March06/Greatdanekillswoman0306.pdf Owner commands german shepherd to attack http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/Februrary2006/GSDorderedbyowner%20to%20attack%20officer0106.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:50 PM
7 year old boy killed by bull mastiff http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/Februrary2006/BullMastiffkillsboy0206.pdf 2 neopolitan mastiffs kill 5 year old boy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2006/January06/Neos010606.pdf Dingo mix kills toddler http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/December2005/dingocross1205.pdf School children witness husky kill shar pei http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/December2005/Huskykillsdog1205.pdf Jack russel terrier kills puppy at dogpark http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/July2005/specarticle_puppykilled.jpg Pack of what appears to be shepherd/chow mixes kill zoo animals http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/July2005/possibleshepardchowmixes.pdf Husky kills infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/July2005/RIHuskykillsinfant.pdf Boy attacked by german shepherd, and attempts to protect friend by claiming it was a pitbull http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/July2005/RIHuskykillsinfant.pdf American bulldog, johnson bulldog, neopolitan mastiff, and border collie kill elderly man http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/July2005/IndianaFatalAttack.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Dalmation jumps out of car window to attack passing pitbulls http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/June2005/Dalmationattackstwo%20pitbulls.pdf German shepherd kills small dog at dogpark http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/June2005/shepardkillspet0605.pdf Mastiff kills jack russel terrier http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/MastiffkillsdogMay05.pdf German shepherd attacks and kills family pet http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/GSD0505.pdf Golden retriever attacks mother and child http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/IdahoGoldenattack0505.pdf German shepherd and lab kill bichon frise http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/GSDandLABkilldogMay05.pdf Alaskan malamute kills 7 year old http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/AlaskanMalamuteCO050805.pdf Family’s 2 siberian huskies kill 2 year old http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/May2005/Huskyskill2yroldMI050605pdf.pdf Mixed breed dogs kill elderly woman http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/April2005/GAwomankilledbymixbreeddogsApril05.pdf 2 mongrels kill a family’s shih tzu http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2005/April2005/Shihtzukilledbymongerals.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Mutt kills 5 week old infant http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/October2004/10604MuttKillsInfant.pdf Bouvier kills yorkie at dogshow http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/October2004/Bouvierservicedogkillsyorkiesept04.pdf Basset/shepherd mix kills 17 month old boy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/Feb2004/DogattacksandChildren.pdf Poodle attacks pitbull and its owner http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2002/PoodleAttack.jpg Police dog kills 4 year old boy http://understand-a-bull.com/Articles/OtherBreedBites/2002/nebraska632002MartellNE.pdf
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:53 PM
98% of the dogs in these articles were family pets and 99% of the attacks were unprovoked. The main argument I hear from breed ban advocates are that pits have killed people, that other dogs dont have the capacity or drive to kill people or other animals, that pits are very likely to “turn” on their owners, and that pits are the only breed that will make a special effort to go after and kill things. Going after one specific breed and advocating that they are the only breed you need to worry about can get people hurt or killed. You NEED to be weary of ANY dog you encounter, not just pits. ALWAYS ask the owner before you pet their dog. You cannot assume that its nice, just because it isnt a pit. You hear mostly pit attacks in the news because those attacks spark contraversy, which is the main goal of news networks. They know someone dying from a pit attack is going to get alot more attention than a person being killed by lab. Its just a fact. Another fact is that labs actually have a slightly higher bite force than pits. Every breed out there does the whole bite and shake thing. Pits do not have locking jaws. Dogfighters actually have to bait and abuse their pits to “toughen them up” in order to get them to be that “fighter.” The fact that they “look” mean, and are very muscular, is not proof that they are any more of a risk than your neighbors lab.
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Breed specific legislation is no different than racism. 100 years ago, a common thing you would hear in the south is that black people were dangerous and more likely to attack and kill someone. White people did just as much killing, if not more, but those murders were overlooked. Sound familiar? I am in no way, stating that pits have never harmed anyone, or that they are not capable of killing someone. Of course they are, just like all the other breeds listed in the above articles. I am trying to explain that you CANNOT tell whether a dog is likely to attack based on its breed. Pits were chosen by dogfighters because of their appearance, and their ability to do damage if they are trained to do so.
Jessie August 15, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Its just that people would rather take the easy way out and ban/exterminate an entire breed instead of actually trying to regulate the breeding and ownership of ALL large breed dogs. Because any breed can kill someone, and feeding people that false propaganda that pits are the only breed that have been known to kill people is just plain ignorance, that could get someone killed. I have a friend who has a pit who is the sweetest dog and loves it when people pet him while going on walks, and she also has a wiemaraner that hates any attention on walks, and starts getting aggressive. People just walk up to the wiemaraner and try and pet him without so much as a “hey can I pet your dog,” all because hes not a pit, but he, unlike the pit will give you a very nasty bite if you get your hand too close. my point is that if I had an aggressive, previously abused lab, and a pit that I raised from a puppy, most people would let their guard down around the lab, but keep their eyes on the pit. And, obviously, that could be a fatal mistake. You should NEVER assume that a dog is nice, based on its breed. You should ALWAYS ask the owner before you start petting any dog you meet.
debbie bell August 15, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Kristi: Excellent post. Somehow I never got back to this page. I HATE Dog aggresssion and I hat it when it spills over into aggresstion towards others, especially dog-sized humans. No one who truly cares about life would want to continue breeding dogs created to kill dogs. Pit mongers DO NOT CARE.
debbie bell August 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM
I have never said "all pits should die." I do however say "no more pits should be born". But keep it up. THose who fight pits LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for supporting them and making their dog fighting possible. There was a dog fight in our community this week. One dog won. One dog died. The fight was staged when someone bought a pit bull and treated it like a normal dog, and let it escape. It fought with (killed) its opponent, a small dog in the neighbor's yard. PIT MONGERS MADE THIS FIGHT POSSIBLE. PIT MONGERS' WORK, opposing sane MSNM, KILLED THIS VICTIM DOG.
debbie bell August 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM
If breedism is the same as racism, then when I say I love "xx" breed, am I being a racist? If I say I don't want my "xxx" breed to mate with "zzz" breed, is that racism? God/nature created different species, races of humans. Humans created different breeds. CRUEL humans created the pit bull. When pit mongers want to relabel pits in our area, they admit their #1 name is "lab mix" and #2 is "boxer" mix. Sometimes if the dog has white on his face, they'll say collie or if he has more legs, they will say greyhound. But look the muzzle is short and the jaws soo wide. .....I don't pet dogs. My feeling is that most dogs don't particularly like it/ altho pits seem to like it, their heritage of not giving warning before tugging makes me not want to MAKE a pit bite me and then PAY THE PRICE FOR SIMPLY DOING EXACTLY WHAT PITS WERE CREATED TO DO. I wish Jesse, you would just admit it. "All I care about is myself. Pits suffering and dying tonight, before, during and after dog fighting? Hey, no problem, I might even enjoy thinking about dog fights. Gosh, if we restricted breeding of pits and there were fewer pits every year, what would my friends, the dog fighters, do? They would have to take decades to modify normal dog behavior to create a new pit bull. And in the meantime, my dog fighting friends might be BITTEN by the rotty or dobe they're brutalizing/ trying to turn into a good fighting dog. Can't have that! We must keep breeding pits!---Jessie
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Debbie Bell, you really have a way with twisting words. I am not a fan of breeding pits because they are the number one dogs murdered in shelters. There is no question that if pits went extinct that dogfighters would just choose another breed to do their bidding. We need to fight back against the humans who keep breeding these dogs with no regard of what happens to them(whether fought or killed in a shelter). We need to fight back against the selfish bastards that train them to be vicious. The breed will never go extinct, thats just a reality, so instead of sitting here spreading lies about the breed, maybe you should do something productive like volunteering at a shelter and getting to know a few of these pits you think are so amoral and unable to be loving and caring individuals. Its a fact that the majority of people who hate pits have never met one, but just heard the hyped up stories and "facts" from people such as yourself. Also, you actually beleive that dogfighters dont have to brutalize/bait/torture pits to make them good fighting dogs? Obviously been reading dogsbite.org. The fact that the site actually says that "locking jaw" thing is true, just shows me that she doesnt want to spread facts, just fear.
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:31 AM
All dogs give warning signs. Pits were created to herd and take down big game such as bulls, it wasnt until later that people discovered how much they loved seeing that and decided to try it with two pits together. But remember, those pits had to be TRAINED to be aggressive towards those other dogs and big game. Pits arent born with a love of fighting. How do you even know for sure that these dogs enjoy what they are doing? You have to remember that doing what its master tells it to do and enjoying it are two different things.
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:32 AM
Also, when it comes to people having to lie about what breed their dog is, they do it because of Insurance companies that refuse to insure because of the breed of their dog. Or because of citywide bans that put the dogs at risk of being taken away. You assume that people only do that because they know their dog is dangerous, but that simply isnt the case. Alot of insurance companies wont insure people with huskies, rotties, dobies, and a few other breeds either. Plus, if BSL isnt a witchhunt, then please explain this list of 75 dogs breeds that have been banned or restricted in the US. The Pit is only one of these breeds. Dogs are dogs, doesnt matter the breed. Large breed dogs in general should be regulated. I have a pit that I rescued from a kill shelter, she is NOT dog aggressive and LOVES playing with other dogs at the dog park. We have had a problem with other dogs being aggressive towards her or barking in her face, but has she ever fought back? Not once, in fact, she will do her best to avoid confrontation. Plus, I have met alot of pits while volunteering at our local shelter, and I have never met one that is what YOU think they all are.
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:32 AM
Now, I dont know about you but I like responding with facts rather than just telling people that all they care about is themselves. Especially when I dont know them or everything they stand for. I dont really like what you say, but not once have I tried to insult you for it.
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Sorry, forgot to add that list of 75 banned or restricted dog breeds http://peekaboo420420.hubpages.com/hub/List_Of_75_Banned_Or_Restricted_Breeds_Is_your_Dog_On_The_New_List
Jessie August 17, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Banning breeds is not going to stop the irresponsible human owners that are causing the problems. But, by all means, lets just ignore the real problem and blame the dogs...


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