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OC Judge Sentences Double Murderer to Death

Hilbert Pineil Thomas, 43, will be sent to San Quentin's Death Row for the 2009 murders of a salesman and a secretary.

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An Orange County judge Friday sentenced a former Garden Grove man to death for the 2009 murders of a salesman and a secretary at a Stanton mobile home business.

Hilbert Pineil Thomas, 43, will be sent to San Quentin's Death Row, although the state has not executed anyone since 2006. Executions have been on hold since then because of a federal court ruling that found the three-drug lethal injection given to condemned prisoners could be seen as cruel and unusual punishment.

According to prosecutors, Thomas was walking past Golden Sun Homes on Beach Boulevard on Feb. 2, 2009, when he decided to steal a car belonging to a secretary inside.

Thomas came in and fatally shot 42-year-old Matthew Francis Scott, a sales associate and son of the business co-owner, and long-time secretary Elizabeth Ann Palmer, 49. Thomas then fled in Palmer's Lexus sedan.

At the sentencing, Scott's father addressed the court, and statement was read on behalf of Palmer's husband and sister, Patricia Moore. Her statement read, in part:

"I have prayed for the courage to say these words, 'I forgive you. Not so you can feel better but so my family, Matt's family, your family and I can heal and move forward.' May God have mercy on you. It's what's Beth would have wanted,"

At first the murders went unsolved.

On Oct. 13, 2009, Thomas was served with a protective order that barred him from contact with his ex-wife after he set her car on fire in Los Angeles County. He also was ordered to surrender any guns.

On Oct. 24, Palmer's Lexus turned up at the El Dorado Inn on Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim. Two days later, Thomas turned over a gun to Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Orange County sheriff's deputies linked Thomas to the stolen car and started investigating him in the murders. Detectives learned about the gun surrendered, and it turned out to have been the murder weapon, prosecutors said.

— City News Service

Rodger Higgins June 13, 2014 at 08:23 PM
See, this is where the judicial system in this country is FUBAR because the liberals have go screwed it up. He is sentenced to death row and will still be there 25 years from now at the cost of (todays dollars) $85,000.00 per year minimum (multiply that amount by all those on death row in California) so he can appeal the sentence and then we can not be cruel to him because of his rights. What should happen is as soon as the judge issues the death sentence, the bailiff pulls his weapon and blows his brains out. A hell of a lot cheaper for a bullet and a janitor than 25 years at 85K.
Brainwashed_In_Church June 13, 2014 at 10:09 PM
No way. Don't kill him. Use him for labor. Reduce the demand for illegal aliens. Free labor. The farmers reimburse the state. The state relies less on tax dollars. The demand for illegals and their demand for government services is reduced. Same for those caught entering the country illegally. Same for chronic homeless. Free labor.
Andrew June 14, 2014 at 12:01 AM
Yeah...they've tried both those ideas, it was called fascist Germany or North Korea
Rob_Curtis June 15, 2014 at 01:51 AM
Killing the guy would put us on his level. When man gets to the level of God then I'd be okay with killing. At least killing that what man has created. Outside of that our judicial system would be playing God. I agree with having the guy work off his debt via servetude towards the family most affected by his acts. He should have to build a system of demand upon his life by labor and service. How to execute such is the biggest question to ask.
mOmO123 June 16, 2014 at 09:25 AM
A bullet to the head would be a lot easier and much more cost efficient. Oh thats right our judicial system would rather house, feed, and provide health care for the next 20 years to this animal before they do anything with his sentencing.


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