Home Burglaries Spike on Balboa Peninsula

Police say in February nine home burglaries were reported on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach police issued a crime alert for the Balboa Peninsula Wednesday  following an increase in home burglaries this month.

Nine residential burglaries were reported on the Balboa Peninsula since Feb. 1, according to Kathy Lowe, spokeswoman for the Newport Beach Police Department. In the majority of the cases, suspects entered the homes through unlocked doors or windows when the homeowners were not home.

"It’s difficult to know why so many people leave their doors unlocked and windows open," Lowe said. "We strongly urge residents to take the few extra minutes necessary to secure their home, even if leaving for a short time."

Police say residents should join the Neighborhood Watch so they can become familiar with their community and learn to identify suspicious behavior in their neighborhoods.

Home Safety Tips

  • Always lock your windows and doors when you go out, even if for only a few minutes.
  • All windows should be equipped with a secondary security lock.
  • All exterior doors should be of a solid core construction and have a deadbolt lock. This includes the  door leading from the garage into your home.
  • These doors should also be  equipped with a security strike plate using four to six, three inch screws.  The screws should affix the strike plate to the home’s structure not just the frame of the door.
  • Never leave a purse, wallet or other valuables in plain sight.
  • If you have a safe, make sure that it is properly secured with bolts so that it cannot be easily removed.
  • Always close and lock your safe, and never leave a key or combination laying around.
  • If your home is equipped with an alarm, always activate it even if you’re only going out for a short walk.
  • If you allow individuals such as housekeepers in your home while you are away, they should have a separate alarm code. 
  • If your system is setup to chime when a door or window is opened, make sure that the chime volume is loud enough to be heard throughout the residence.
  • Always keep your front and rear porch lights on from dusk to dawn and use motion detector lighting along the sides of your home or   areas with little foot traffic.
  • Keep landscaping trimmed down around doorways, windows, and light fixtures.
  • When you leave on vacation remember to call the Newport Beach Police Department for a vacation check at 949)-644-3717 or signup on line at nbpd.org.


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