Emergency-Alert Test Set for Noon

The city will conduct the Outdoor Emergency Notification System test Friday.

Today at noon the city will conduct the Outdoor Emergency Notification System test.

The system is tested once a month to ensure it will function properly in case of an emergency. It will last about 10 seconds and will be conducted at a reduced sound level.

The city's three emergency warning sirens are located at the end of Channel Road, near the entrance to West Jetty View Park and the Wedge; within Veterans Memorial Park, at 15th Street and Bay Avenue; and by the handball courts in West Newport Park, near 60th Street and Seashore Drive.

The sirens are about four feet high and mounted on blue, 50-foot poles. The system is connected to a control panel at the Newport Beach Police Department.

In an emergency, the sirens will sound longer and louder.

For full details on the emergency alert test, read our story here.


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