Serial Diaper Dumper Soils Scenic Highway

A bag of soiled, adult-sized diapers were mysteriously dumped early Thursday in Newport Beach. Stretches of PCH and other city streets have been repeatedly targeted.

Something smells in Newport Beach, and it isn't the ocean breeze.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway, famous for its cliff top coastal vistas and speeding sports cars, has become a target for a serial dirty adult-diaper dumper.

Dirty diapers once again landed onto city streets Thursday, leaving police searching for the culprit. At about 7 a.m. Thursday, someone noticed a white bag filled with several dirty diapers dumped along the east side of MacArthur Boulevard, north of East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, according to Kathy Lowe, spokeswoman for the Newport Beach Police Department.

"They were all adult diapers that were visibly soiled," Lowe said.

This morning's diaper dumping incident is the most recent in a string of poopy attacks on the city.

"We first heard about it last summer when one incident was reported. In December, there were three similar incidents all at East Coast Highway near Cameo Highlands," Lowe said. "There was also one incident in May and one on Tuesday. From what I understand Laguna Beach has had several incidents as well."

And from the looks of things, the filthy diapers seem to be dumped in Newport Beach on purpose.

"In seven of the eight incidents in Newport Beach, the diapers were left in virtually the same spot on East Coast Highway," Lowe said. "That being said, it would appear that they are being deliberately left there."

Police are keeping their eyes peeled for the diaper dumper, with officers checking in on the diaper hot spots several times during their shifts. In the meantime, officials say residents who see or smell any dirty diapers should call police immediately and avoid touching them.

"The soiled diapers can pose a health risk as contact with human waste can be potentially harmful," Lowe said.

Newport Beach's municipal code prohibits throwing any type of trash on streets and in public places, and fines start at $100.

Police say anyone with information about the dirty diaper dumping should call Newport Beach police Sgt. Shontel Sherwood at 949-644-3775. If you see, or smell, any diapers that need to be thrown into the trash, call 949-644-3055.


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