Burglars Target Homes, Garages

Homes on Corte Marin, Almond Place, Hillsdale Drive and Carob Street were recently burglarized.

Several home burglaries were recently reported in different parts of the city, according to Newport Beach police. Authorities say it is important for residents to take precautions to decrease the chance of becoming a victim of a residential burglary.

  • A home in the 3000 block of Corte Marin was targeted by a burglar between Monday, Aug. 27 and Friday, Aug. 31. The unknown suspect entered the home possibly through an unlocked door and stole a gun, various pieces of jewelry and a Tag Heuer white metal watch.
  • According to police, sometime between Monday, Aug. 27 and Tuesday, Aug. 28, an unknown suspect entered an open garage in the 900 block of Almond Place. Movie passes and a day planner was stolen from a car that was parked inside the garage, but the planner was later found on Bellis Street.
  • Sometime between Saturday, Aug. 25 and Wednesday, Aug. 29, an unknown suspect entered a home on Hillsdale Drive and stole a diamond ring and two Michael Kors watches.
  • Police say sometime Wednesday, Aug. 22 and Thursday, Aug. 23, an unknown suspect entered an unlocked garage in the 2900 block of Carob Street. The suspect stole money, backpack, reading glasses, movie passes and a coin purse which was taken from a car parked inside the garage. The wallet, makeup, credit cars, a backpack and a checkbook were later found on a sidewalk near the home.

Home Security Tips:

- Close and lock all doors, windows and garage door.

- All exterior doors should be equipped with a deadbolt lock, which should always be used have a security strike plate, attached with a minimum of two, three inch screws.

- If you have an alarm, always activate it when you are away.

- Use photo cells or timers to turn both interior and exterior lights on and off.

- If you are going to be out of town, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your home and pick up your mail. Signup for a vacation check from the police department at www.nbpd.org.

Call police immediately if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood at 949-644-3717.

Bill Warmington September 10, 2012 at 06:56 PM
To my friends within the Newport Beach Police Department patrol district. During the last year or more the home invasion crimes have increased , with an announcement in another publication. First of all I have no other issue with the department and have been a backer when requested for various issues. However the department has had it's issues both in crime ) where they patrol.. I am not going to go through the past because that's old news but cost US THE CITIZENS millions. Now their are wide spread and almost daily home invasion crimes , stealing everything that is visible. I have writen many posts re: this subject and asked the Chief to call me, finally he did and this was about two months ago. I thought we had a cordial conversation and I asked and also published a request for the DEPARTMENT to publish the number of these crimes from last year to this year to date. He told me that would be forth coming immediately, ( after all it's a computer button push ) for DR numbers of these crimes. Also at first these were done while occupants were gone and now the crimes are happening while the homes are occupied.I know many residents who have put all their valuables in their safe deposit boxes and many who pay to have a full time security agent at their home while gone. GUN SALES are sky rocking. I feel no confidence in the department, and told him the buck stops on his desk. My other subject we talked about was the rudeness of his officers. WE need an outside review, NOW
Carolyn Carr September 11, 2012 at 08:17 PM
These are all by Eastbluff. I would say a woman thief because of the coin purse - only a woman would want a coin purse. I would also think a woman because she could walk around the neighborhood during various hours without drawing suspicion. Finally, an older woman - she has time to use the movie passes and needs the reading glasses. She obviously needs money as well because of the more expensive - easily pawned items - gun and jewelry.
Carolyn Carr September 11, 2012 at 08:19 PM
And also an older woman - because she has her own makeup and doesn't need someone else's.


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