Burglar Uses Hidden Key to Steal Surfer's Car

Burglars watch as Newport Beach surfers hide car keys and break in as soon as they hit the waves.

Surfers in Newport Beach have become the latest victims of vehicle burglaries, police reported.

According to police, the burglar watches as surfers hide a car key outside of their vehicle and once the surfers are in the water, the suspect grabs the hidden key and starts rummaging through the car.

The following crimes took place while the victims were out surfing:

  • On Wednesday, Nov. 7 a car parked on Cedar Street and Seashore Drive was stolen when a suspect used a hidden key. According to police, the unknown suspect took the victim’s 1999 Volvo, which contained a wallet, credit cards, two surfboards, a wet suit and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Police say the victim's stolen credit card was used at Target in Santa Ana and the car was found the next day in Anaheim.
  • On Wednesday, Nov. 14 a burglar used a hidden key left behind by a surfer to get into a car parked at Seashore Drive and Summit Street. Police say a wallet, iPod, Oakley sunglasses, cell phone, credit cards and keys were stolen.
  • On Monday, Nov. 11 a car parked in the 6900 block of Seashore Drive was targeted when a burglar used a hidden key to get into it. According to police, a US passport, debit card, and black purse containing CDL, iPod Nano, cell phone, miscellaneous cards and cash were taken from the car.
  • On Saturday, Nov. 3 the passenger door to a car parked on Prospect Street and Seashore Drive was forced open. Police say money and credit cards were stolen.
  • An unlocked car parked on 54th Street and Seashore Drive was also targeted on Saturday, Nov. 3. Police say an iPhone, a droid cell phone and two black leathers wallets were stolen.
Len November 20, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Take your car key with you...most wetsuits have key pockets. I had my car broken into years ago when I "hid" my key inside the wheel well. Since then, I always take the key with me...no break-ins since. I know the new electronic keys are a problem with getting wet. Just put them inside two zip-lock bags and stick inside your wetsuit. The zip-locks will keep the key safe from getting wet.


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