Burglar Squats in Vacant Newport House

An unknown suspect lived in a home under renovation on Grand Canal and forged a stolen check for $450 check, according to Newport Beach police.

A burglar moved into a home under renovation in Newport Beach for an unknown amount of time, and later forged a check found in the house, a police official reported.

The incident happened sometime between May 17 and July 23 at a home in the 200 block of Grand Canal, according to Andi Querry, crime prevention specialist for the Newport Beach Police Department. The unknown suspect got into the homes by unknown means and appeared to have lived there for an unknown period of time.

"They arrived at the residence and discovered the front door unlocked and evidence that someone had been there," Querry explained.

Querry said the burglar stole two checkbooks, several keys, four palm trees and silver utensils from the home and later passed a forged $450 check.

"I would encourage residents to always secure their homes with proper dead bolt locks on their doors, secondary locks on all windows, and equip porch lights with photos cells and install motion sensor lighting in areas around their home with limited foot traffic," Querry said.   

Police said residents should also join the Neighborhood Watch and let their neighbors know if their home is going to be vacant. 

"A neighbor could then contact the owner if they saw suspicious activity at the residence or the police, depending on the circumstances," Querry said.


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