What a Staff Means to a Company

One of the things that we are highly proud of is our staff.  They work day in and day our to ensure that all of our clients and caregivers are getting the help that they need.  On a daily basis there is an influx of calls and paper work to do, and they make sure that it all gets done.  

We have been in the home care industry for over twenty years and keeping a professional demeanor is precisely what we are all about.  Our clients will always be treated and regarded with the utmost professionalism.  Perfection is what we strive for and our office staff are the ones making it all happen.  They never seek recognition, but rather they get satisfaction from knowing our clients are getting the best possible home care.  Our caregivers, just as our office staff, are the best out there.  They have all been carefully chosen, with the help of our office staff.  

With two helping hands and a golden heart we have been changing the lives of many.  We would love to begin changing your life today.  

Find your dependable caregiver today, call 949-650-8300 to being service today! You may also visit us at 
http://www.newportbeachinhomecare.com/ and check our photos and other updates on our Facebook page!     
Brainwashed_In_Church April 12, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Let's be honest here (in your advertisement disguised as a blog). Your methods of "carefully" choosing caregivers are exactly the same as every other caregiving outfit: anyone who meets minimum qualifications and works the cheapest. Chances are the caregivers are from a third world country, they have had a six week course in rudimentary English, and they have a fifth grade education.


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