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Readers Say the Darndest Things

From the week of Aug. 26, a collection of amusing, serious, provocative and heartfelt comments on Patch stories.

Our latest roundup of interesting reader comments, as selected by Patch editors:

How about a cage fight to determine ballot order? Might not be in the best taste, but it sure would be entertaining. :)
— Oracle, discussing

Dollar Tree is much nicer than the 99 cent store.
— Al Gore, on the

We (fans) have a Code of Conduct for team owners and organizations:

  • Ice machines shall be placed in the parking lot so fans' beer won't get warm.
  • Wi-fi shall be free so we have something to do between innings and while we wait for our wives to get back with our beer.
  • Overexcited, hyped-up PA announcers shall be eliminated.
  • Ugly advertising shall be banned. Dodger Stadium for a while was almost perfect with just about four 76 circles.
  • Potpourri and attendants handing out warm towelettes shall be in every men’s room.
  • Existing "Family Sections" shall be renamed "Normal Sections" and existing "Normal Sections" shall be renamed "Rowdy Sections"
    -- Charles, on local sports venues adopting

Welcome to Commiefornia. Where we make it illegal to do already illegal activities. Get these morons out of office please.
— Dick Jones, also commenting on the fan code of conduct

Actually, more like a he-said/she-said, she-said and she-said.
— Jerry West, replying to another commenter's complaint that was just a "he-said/she-said situation"

Who knew earthquakes could be classic? Especially in Brawley.
— thejellyfish, in response to a of earthquakes


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