Protect The Rights of Incapacitated Seniors with Conservatorship

It can be a sudden stroke, or there was no estate planning prior to their worsening Alzheimer's, if the senior becomes incapable of making their own informed decisions on their own well-being physically, medically, and financially, then a conservatorship might be necessary to protect their rights.

Since the responsibilities are immense as the conservator, he/she must be appointed by a judge.  If there is an need for a conservator right away, then the court can appoint temporary conservator during the duration of the general conservator search.

Once appointed, then the general conservator can decide on the living situation, make arrangement on their daily living activities and care, and manage the conservatee's finances, assets, and more with court's approval.

A-1 Home Care in Newport Beach has been the trusted long term care solution for many who are seeking caregiving service for their loved ones.  We have expert caregivers in the fields of Alzheimer Care, Post Stroke Care, After Surgery Care, Cancer Care, Diabetes Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Parkinson's Care, Incontinence Care, and more! Proudly covering the cities of Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Anaheim Hills, Tustin, Costa Mesa, and areas around Orange County.

Call today at 949-650-3800 for service inquires. Find us online atwww.newportbeachinhomecare.com, and be sure to check us out of Facebook!


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