Opinion: Occupy the School Board Meetings

Sandy Asper shares her unique idea about becoming informed about education in Newport Mesa.

Dear Teachers and Community Members,

I know how busy you are. You have lunches to make, jobs to race off to, groceries to buy (and aren't they getting expensive?), homework to help with,  shopping, soccer, football, cooking, meetings, and somehow try to schedule in a little fun.  

You are also expected to keep up with national politics, read the papers, research online, call you congressman, write letters to senators, understand all the issues, attend meetings and write informative enlightening emails to your friends. And then there is forcing yourself to make sense of  the state issues; which is virtually impossible. 

Local issues are just as complicated. Look at the Costa Mesa City Council. Does anyone understand what is going on there? Is it just me or do they all seem just a little weird? Well, not everyone. I have found myself admiring Wendy Leece, which heretofore was about as likely as Lady Gaga hang gliding over NYC attired in hamburger. Oh wait, that IS likely.  

My point is that I know you're busy, but we need you at the board meetings. The teachers need you. The students need you. And as strange as it sounds, the board needs you. Boy do they need you! 

The "Occupy Movement" has been criticized for not making a huge point or having a perceived agenda; they have simply shown up. Their "showing up" has sent a clear message to the rest of us that "showing up" is enough for now.  

And isn't that the way with all important heartfelt relationships? All it takes is showing up...

I have a possible way that you could organize people to go to these scintillating meetings. Trade off with several people. Perhaps some of your neighbors with kids would like to go. Maybe a concerned tax-conscious citizen would like to spend a Tuesday night at Baker/Bear. How about a grandparent or two? Trade off!

Teachers could have a different teacher from their school go each time. That way teachers would have the experience without it being too onorous. Even in the smaller schools each teacher would only be responsible for one or two meetings.

What a difference it would make if the administration and the trustees would see the place filled for the entire meeting

You don't have to do the "Occupy" method of speech to the group; that  is just slow and annoying. Funny (or outraged ) emails or phone calls will do.

I sometimes text friends my impressions, which are occasionally funny ...at least to me.  

So this is it people...a call to arms. Go forth and OCCUPY THE BOARD MEETINGS! There is one tonight at 7 p.m.

Sandy Asper January 10, 2012 at 03:34 PM
If one teacher from every school would sign up for attending one school board meeting...just one teacher....there would be at least 35 teachers at EVERY board meeting...it would be incredibly cool...JUST OCCUPY
Sandy Asper January 10, 2012 at 03:38 PM
If one PTA person would sign up to attend one board meeting ...just one PTA member, there would be at least 35 PTA people attending EVERY board meeting. Coupled with the teachers there would be around 70 people at EVERY board meeting...how impressive would that be?. OCCUPY!
Sandy Asper January 10, 2012 at 03:39 PM
If one retired teacher would agree to attend one board meeting...the experience and understanding would increase by 100%...OCCUPY!


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