New Trash Can Police - Seal the Deal! LITERALLY!!!

Reading in the news paper this morning, l read that the new proposed trash cans are on display at several city facilities around Newport Beach. So, I sent my husband, John to the closest location by our home. The library on Irvine Ave. As he walks through the doors, he is met by a surly stuft old bird. John, unassumingly tries to look into the cans, (to get an idea of the capacity inside the cans), yet, they are taped shut! At that time, the old bird tells him off and states that "You may not look inside, a trash can is a trash can and people throw trash in these trash cans; therefore, they are taped up and I am going to ask you to leave." 

Needless to say, John walked out confused and degraded and bewildered. Kinda like our current Trash men must feel. 
Keep up the good work Newport and maybe next year you can further propel yourself to bottom of the barrel in the Best City Category! 


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