Get Skinny in CDM

The best places to eat and drink in the village without feeling guilty.

Summer officially begins June 21 so that means it's crunch time and we only have a few more weeks to shed those pounds. The good news is Corona del Mar's restaurants are health conscious and are making it easier for everyone to make the right choices.  

: I've been going to this liquor store since I was a kid - no I wasn't boozing it up when I was nine, but I loved to buy Now & Later candy! Now I've graduated to Skinnygirl Margarita,  the 100 calorie margarita in a wine bottle that makes it easier to dish over guys with your best friends without have the guilt of putting on the pounds. Thank you Bethenny Frankel for this miracle, otherwise I'd still be downing the 500 calorie margaritas served on . Here are some Skinnygirl tips:

  • Skip the salt around the rim. Who needs unnecessary bloating?
  • Drink clear Tequila to avoid a wretched hangover. Dark tequila usually contain impurities. 
  • Make sure you drink lots of water in between your cocktails - it keeps the intelligent conversation (gossip) going on a lot longer. 
  • Make a Skinnygirl Sangria using 8 peaches, 4 white plums, 1 pound of green grapes (cut in half), 3 bottles of Prosecco, 12oz can of diet lemon lime soda, 12 oz can of club soda. Combine and chill for an hour. 

- In case you are not up for drinking at your house, Port has a tantalizing cocktail menu full of "skinny" drinks.

  • CDA "Corona del Acai" Skinny is made with freshly squeezed lime juice, a pinch of Splenda, shaken with Van Gogh Acai Blueberry Vodka and Diet Sprite. 
  • CDM "Corona del Mango" Skinny is also made with lime juice and a pinch of Splenda, but is shaken with Absolut Mango and Diet Sprite. 
  • Caipiroska Lite is Veev Green Vodka, Fresh limes and Splenda.
  • Port of Vallarta Margarita is made with Cazadores Blanco Tequila, Agave Nectar and fresh lime. 

- Imagine the Bungalow Restaurant as Fantasy Island, then Eric the Bartender would have to be Ricardo Montalban because he can make all your cocktail fantasies come true. Eric can make anything you want and that includes Skinny Martinis and Margaritas.  His imaginative cocktails are legendary at the Bungalow and he even gets his barflys in the game by having "Name that 'tini' Tuesday" where patrons can name Eric's creations. 

Nekter Juice Bar - Everything on the menu at the all natural juice bar is good for your body. In addition to their daily cleanse, Nekter has a wide selection of smoothies, juices and acai bowls all freshly made with natural ingredients. Their vegan desserts and snacks are both delicious and good for you. 

  • Acai Banana Berry Bowl is made with Acai, banana, nut milk and berries all blended together on top of agave granola and topped with bananas and berries. 
  • Coco-Loco Smoothie is made with fresh pineapple, raw coconut butter and coconut water all blended with ice. 
  • Popeye's Acai Smoothie is made with Acai, banana, spinach, nut milk, agave nectar and blended with ice. 
  • The Cure Juice drink is made with beets, beet greens, broccoli, kale, parsley, celery, grapes and apples. 

- Coco's has a large menu of tempting desserts and gourmet hamburgers, but their Fit & Lively menu has breakfast options under 500 calories and lunch and dinner selections under 600 calories. 

  • Fit & Lively combo is two multi-grain and nut pancakes served with sugar-free syrup, lean grilled ham and cholesterol free egg substitute.
  • Bistro Salmon with fresh tomato relish served with a mixed green salad. 
  • Southwest Angus Sirloin with pico de gallo, black beans and asparagus. 
  • Shrimp and white bean salad made with gourmet greens, poached shrimp, fresh basil, red onions, diced tomatoes, white beans and parmesan cheese. 

- Most people think of this popular diner as a burger, fries and shake joint, but surprisingly Ruby's has a De 'lite' ful menu featuring low cal, low carb and low fat options. 

  • Skinny Eggs is two jumbo eggs or Eggbeaters scrambled together with freshly made salsa. Served with low-fat cottage cheese, whole wheat toast and fresh fruit. 
  • Multi-Grain Pancakes are made with English walnuts and almond granola. 
  • Skinny Lunch is a grilled turkey or Gardenburger patty with fresh salsa, fresh fruit and low-fat cottage cheese.
  • De-"Lite"-Ful Burger is served on a whole wheat bun, low fat American cheese, non-fat mayo, fresh lettuce and tomato with a side salad. 
Jessi June 10, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Ideally we would be eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean, clean cuts of meat and other whole foods. Then we would not need a detox/cleanse. But, unfortunately, that is not the case for many. For those that want a quick fix like Bethany's cleanse, then use it to kick off you new healthy lifestyle. http://mydiscoverhealth.com


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