Discussion: Does Aurora Massacre Change Our View of Personal Safety?

A discussion point since 9/11, will the mayhem at the Batman movie make us rethink security at movie theaters, malls or school events? Join the discussion, vote in the poll.

At least 12 dead and dozens injured, several seriously.

One gunman and one crowded theater.

The specter of copycats.

Southern Californians woke up Friday morning to live video coming from Aurora, Colo., where James Holmes, a young gunman reportedly wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest, opened fire during a midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, a movie expected to gross $200 million this weekend.

The number of deaths and injuries wasn't confirmed at the time this story published. But no matter what the final numbers are, there is one definitive: It's a tragedy.

Since the Sept. 11 terror attacks of 2001, Americans have been on various levels of alert, but anyone with an ounce of cynicism has recognized that movie theaters, malls and school events—so-called soft targets because they are gathering locations with little security—are ripe for domestic terror or deranged madmen.

The Friday morning massacre at the Century 16 in Aurora took place 19 miles and 13 years from Columbine High, but it’s the kind of tragedy that can open up wounds in every region in America.

Including Southern California.

  • Seal Beach is only nine months removed from the in which eight people were killed and one wounded.
  • The McDonald’s massacre in 1984 resulted in 21 killed and 19 injured in San Ysidro, near San Diego.
  • The in 1976 ended with seven dead and two injured.

All such events—not just the local ones—remind us of just how vulnerable we are.

And they bring the specter of copycats who think they can do it just a little better—or bigger.  

Do we keep the status quo and prove that we haven’t been beaten, or do we make changes because we want to see next year, want to see our kids get married and our grandkids grow up?

The incident Friday morning is likely to start a discussion—a very real, very serious discussion—about personal safety in public places.

Let's start it here.

Should metal detectors become as standard as popcorn machines at movie theaters? Should there be armed security, or will a thick dude in a yellow jacket be enough to stop someone carrying a gun who wants to get in with or without a ticket? Will there be no more dress-up at the theater, which apparently allowed the Aurora gunman to enter with a handgun, a rifle, a gas canister and a gas mask?

What do you think this morning in light of Aurora, the newest name in tragedy?

jb July 30, 2012 at 06:10 PM
booboo, I did google the story. The trip to Mexico was a school sponsored trip, not a vacation with 12 friends. The children of the President are protected by the Secret Service at all times. Most of the reports about the 25 Secret Service agents come from faux news and like minded publications, so that is something I cannot believe. Thousands of 13 year old kids travel on school sponsored trips every year during spring break - yes even to Mexico. Why is her age such an issue for you?
Joker Joe July 30, 2012 at 08:01 PM
jb I stand corrected. MEXICO it is. I don't know if you watch tv or read the papers but Mexico has these drug cartels killing randomly in the streets and cities of Mexico. They have been supplied OVER 2,000 weapons by our ATF. Would you let your 13 yr. old daughter go to Mexico with 25 secret service men that are engaging prostitutes and then stiffing the poor women? I mean they should at the very least give them their $20 for the 2 hr. trysts even though I realize our economy stinks. It is not their fault. Here is a blurp I picked up..Since Mexico's President Felipe Calderón began an all-out assault on drug cartels in 2006, more than 50000 people have lost their lives across Mexico. Now what was your question???
Joker Joe July 30, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Shredder Do to the fact I only received 2 persons answering my vote request & no one voting I here by with draw from this sites comments regarding the movie massacre. Interesting to note that that loser, Shredder, was not smart enough to vote for himself. lol lol lol Piece of nothing worth zero with a filthy mouth, sweetie!!
jb July 30, 2012 at 08:24 PM
booboo, If your goal is to shout down anyone you disagrees with you (and that appears to be a majority of the people posting on this blog), you are succeeding. I repeat my previous comment - you are a sad, sad old man and I pity you.
archie's bunker August 13, 2012 at 05:15 PM
No mention of one of the Most powerful lobbies in Washington? The NRA? And how the money (profits) flows like a tidal wave to the gun Makers due to Weak gun control laws. We must make our voices heard and require our representatives to act accordingly. It's propagandized as a wedge issue but it's really about following the money.


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