Opinion: Darn You Jeffrey Hubbard Part II

Sandy Asper puts herself in Jeffrey Hubbard's shoes.

I was going to write about teacher evaluations this week, but then darn old Jeffrey Hubbard started Tweeting and it made it to the front page of the Daily Pilot. It would be easy to make fun of him, and at the outset last night I thought about doing just that, but I'm not. I'm going to try to get into the crazy head of Dr. Hubbard.

My problem has not always been with Hubbard. My problem has always been with the trustees who hired him and then kept renewing his contract; giving him three more years every year! I would love to hear any explanation for that particular decision that would make sense. It is and will remain a mystery.

I never liked the guy and was not a fan of his apparently irresistible charm (at least to the trustees minus Foley), but last night after reading about his Tweets, and pronouncing them to be bizarre to friends, I started to really think about it. I put myself in his probably overlarge shoes, and tried to imagine what it might be like to be self-convinced of my innocence and unable to convince anyone else. How it would feel to sit in a courtroom day after day and have the prosecution tell what I would consider lies? How frustrating it might be to be unable to locate the papers that would prove my innocence. How embarrassing the emails. How humiliating the constant public criticism. 

I'm going to admit something. I heard the news when Bruce and I were in Northern California for Christmas, and probably like everyone else, could not believe that he had been arrested and was going to be arraigned. I admit I was unreasonably happy.

Remember I said that I never liked him, and thought that he was a lousy superintendent, but I thought the charges were odd. The whole thing had happened six years ago, and it was a relatively small amount of money for such a big deal. I think he's right when he says, " Spending $3 million on an alleged $23,500 crime is PURELY POLITICAL ...." I agree $3 million is a lot of money for any trial, and this one didn't quite fit in the $3 mil category for me. I always secretly thought there was something else to it.

The emails were disturbing and I've complained about them in many columns, but more as an indictment of the trustees than Hubbard, and that they were done on district mail is just plain dumb! Even so, I never thought that he actually had a physical relationship with Christiansen. I thought that he may have wanted to, and these emails were just Hubbard trying to be flirtatious and adorable and relatively sickening, but these emails were not those of someone having a steaming hot coupling.

Going to jail, even for just four days is horrible. Frankly I think he got the jail time because his arrogance really irritated the judge. I know his arrogance really irritated almost everyone who wasn't a trustee, but to sentence a school superintendent to jail for 60 days, even knowing that he would be released in a short time is seriously "overreaching". And thinking the entire time that you are innocent...

Last night I wondered what I would do if I really rationally or irrationally believed in my innocence, and not having a vehicle to explain or proclaim it to the world? I might in my complete frustration go to Twitter or Facebook as well.

So Jeffrey Hubbard .... darn you for the unbelievable teasing I'm going to get about this column. Darn you for being dumb. Darn you for believing that you actually had evidence to prove your innocence and couldn't. Darn you for still being the arrogant guy that I disliked from the beginning. And darn you for making me step into those shoes at least for last night. Darn you for making me wonder...

Sandy Asper March 03, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Hi Myth...I didn't say that I felt sorry for him. I just said that if I really thought that I was innocent (as a sane or insane person) that I would want to shout what I thought was real using social media....what else can someone do to proclaim their innocence? I'm not saying that he's innocent, I was merely putting myself in his shoes for a minute..you have a good point about the relativity of the crime...it just seemed a little odd to me...and over the top...
Sophie March 03, 2012 at 10:38 PM
I agree that there seems to be more to the trial (and possibly even the punishment) than meets the eye. I don't think that the prosecutors knew Hubbard before this, though, so it got me to thinking .... what else do they know about, but may not have enough evidence to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt?" I think there is more, but like O.J. who is sitting in jail probably more for the crime they couldn't prove than the crime they could, so too is Hubbard. The problem is, as you have so aptly put now and in the past Sandy, the Board of Trustees. They are supposed to be our eyes and ears. They are suppposed to hire a Superintendant and not then give him full, unfettered authority to hire all of his friends (and their lackeys), but to watch over him, to direct him when he goes astray and fire or otherwise discipline him when warranted. Instead, they...in what I believe was a breach of their public fiduciary duties...violated Ed Code rules by annually renewing his "5 year contract", by allowing him to violate district procedures by giving jobs away (what principal, now district administrator got hired not once, but twice without first flying the position...one of the "Hinman gang"), by providing raises to Hubbard supporters who went to get their PhDs at his alma mater during work hours (for which they were also being paid), and by agreeing to pay for boondoggles and unsubstantiated new programs provided by Solution Tree and others. So I say...Darn you school board!
realist March 04, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I like, no love, and agree with Sophie. First Hubbard, then the school board, and next hubbard's lackeys. Let's clean the district's house.
Traci velarde March 20, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I went to school with Hubbard. He was a great guy.... Wow, I wonder what went wrong.... So sad.
Jan Fisher April 15, 2012 at 10:37 PM
What went wrong is that his ego and arrogance skyrocketed out of control!


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