A-1 Home Care Sponsors Mardi Gras Celebration at Newport Sub Acute

As the year continues to move along, so does our promise to continue giving back and spending time with people in our community.  This time, we were able to host a Mardi Gras arts & crafts event at Newport Sub Acute, which was all in the spirit of Mardi Gras.     

Our event consisted of creating, decorating and wearing the Mardi Gras masks.  With us we brought glues, glitters, markers, stencils, and an assortment of studs to decorate the masks with.  It was so much fun being able to sit around and do something exciting and creative with some of the local seniors.  They had an incredible time, as did we, and they were thankful that we were willing to spend a morning with them.  This is precisely what A-1 Home Care is all about, giving back.  

Having the opportunity to make someone smile, or brighten up their day, truly is priceless.  These are the moments that we thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.  We hope to return to Newport Sub Acute and to many more locations.  
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