Blog: Are You Running a Business or a Hobby?

Do you have a passion for your business or are you avoiding the heartbreak of failure?

I had an unsettling epiphany recently about business success and got really angry. After working with hundreds of businesses over many years, and speaking with thousands, I am constantly dismayed by how many are struggling or failing. There are a host of different reasons and most blame the Big E: The Economy. It is a factor, but more than ever I am convinced it’s the Big O: The Owner.

So the question is, “Do you have a passion, a hunger, for success for your business and is nothing going to get in your way? No matter what.” OR “Are you so comfortable, caught up or used to your business that you have no other choices or options?”

Recently a prominent business in Newport Beach was facing a crisis. They were on the brink of failure until the community, the media and fans rallied around to save it. As a business consultant I saw they needed help. The owners were in trouble and were ready to close their doors, but by a great convergence of positive outreach, they were able to buy time. As I peered beneath the surface I saw that even though The Economy was a contributor to their downturn, the biggest damage was done by The Owners. The jury is still out as to whether that business can be saved.

If others want you to succeed more than YOU do, what does that say? For years our company, Opis Network, has been providing virtually free business accelerator programs courtesy of the city, including Newport Beach. If I look at the percentage that choose to attend an initial workshop it is small. When I see how many are willing to COMMIT to their success it also small. When others want your success more than you do, how sad is that?

In evaluating your business, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the reason for my business challenges caused by external or internal sources?
  • Do I really understand what I do?
  • Am I willing to do whatever, and I mean whatever (not illegal) it takes to make it?
  • Am I more driven by success or the heartbreak of failing?
  • Would I be happier working for someone else and avoiding these headaches?

If you need help evaluating the question or the answers please let me know, I’ll be glad to help.

Dave Naidu, CEO of Opis Network often says, “Many business owners are attached to their own bad ideas.” It is very true and I see it time and time again. Their (internal) PERCEPTION is totally different than the way the OUTSIDE (client, customer or public) sees it.

If you are reading this still it either means you were intrigued enough or curious to see where I was going, so here is my final request. If you are a business owner, look at yourself in the mirror and ask those pointed questions. DO NOT keep doing what you are doing because you have no other choice and stop blaming others for your troubles. Either lead, follow, or get out the way and let someone else take your spot.

Comments? Please share.

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Charles August 30, 2012 at 03:44 AM
This advertisement (disguised as a neighborly sounding "Local Voices" blog) is brought to you by the Patch. Be careful, a lot of business consulting operators are scam artists. Read "The Management Consultancy Scam" in http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-the-management-consultancy-scam-2057127.html
Mike C August 30, 2012 at 03:48 PM
A wolf in sheeps clothing or a sheep in wolves clothing, either way you do not represent yourself truthfully. Those that can do, those that can't "try" to teach.


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