Don’t Buy a Ticket to Ringling Bros. Circus in Anaheim

America's Family Tradition of going to the Circus has forever been altered with knowledge and awareness of our times revealing horrific abuse of wild animals in circus that desensitizing our children to abuse and cruelty. WILD ANIMAL FREE CIRCUS ONLY

Ringling Bros. Circus Trainer released Photos to the Washington Post of Ringling Bros. Circus Conservation Center "BREAKING BABIES FOR CIRCUS TRICKS"
Ringling Bros. Circus Trainer released Photos to the Washington Post of Ringling Bros. Circus Conservation Center "BREAKING BABIES FOR CIRCUS TRICKS"
Perhaps you’re considering taking the family to the circus show this month.  – but did you know that your ticket in reality, pays for animals to continue to suffer in circuses?
President Jan Creamer, of world renowned Animal Defenders International,  spoke with me to reveal the TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES, of Anaheim Honda Center's Ringling Bros. Circus Show.

  • The Facts Animal Defenders International (ADI) has investigated the use of animals in traveling circuses both here and around the world. Studies have shown that animal welfare is inevitably compromised due to the traveling and temporary nature of the circus, with severe confinement inevitable and physical abuse commonplace. 
  • Constant travel presents many challenges to the physical, psychological and behavioral welfare of the animals: frequent transportation; extended periods of time shut in vehicles, beyond the length of the journey itself; the necessity for accommodations to be small, lightweight and portable all leads to high levels of suffering.
  • Public safety is also an important issue. Moving potentially dangerous animals across open ground and in close proximity to the public has resulted in escapes and injuries. We have seen that the need to control these animals in public also raises the level of animal abuse when workers moving the animals under time pressures, use weapons and beatings to keep control.

ADI investigations, and those of others, have exposed the culture of animal handling and training in the circus industry to be abusive. Many hours of video evidence have shown that pain, punishment and fear are the methods used to force animals to perform tricks.

Trainers and workers have been filmed routinely using whips, goads, metal bars, pitchforks, shovels, the ankus/bullhook (a bar with a metal hook on the end), as well as electric prods and even stun guns on the animals.

No one is saying “end circuses”; circus businesses must adapt to changes in audience tastes, like all businesses, and the popularity of human-only circus shows points the way. Cirque du Soleil, for example appears eight times in the top ranking international shows alongside Madonna and Lady Gaga world tours (Top 50 Highest Earning World Tours in 2012), with combined ticket sales of nearly $400 million. Not a single animal circus made the list.

So save your money, and your conscience – when the Ringling comes to Anaheim, show them you refuse to support animal suffering by taking your business elsewhere.

 To learn more about ADI’s campaign to Stop Circus Suffering in the United States, please visit:


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Claire Vinet July 28, 2013 at 12:20 AM
Circuses are cruel to animals. Not only that, it's trite and cheesy entertainment. Surely everyone can find something better than that to do.
Becky Ewens August 30, 2013 at 08:47 PM
How can anyone look at that photo of how a baby elephant is "trained" (I call that abuse!) and still want to go see the circus? I just don't understand it. The circus is a horrible life for any animal. It starts with being taken from their mother at a young age (too young) and being FORCED to act unnaturally. Then let's look at the life of a circus animal. Do any of you realize just how the animals live for half a year- kept in tiny enclosures, traveling every week or so. Forced to perform in a totally unnatural setting. It's time for circuses that use animals to be banned. They are cruel and barbaric. No animal deserves to live their life like that.
Rick Jackson September 30, 2013 at 08:57 PM
These circus freaks with their crystal meth smoking elephant beating ways shoud be arrested when they come into town.
James Mars October 01, 2013 at 04:51 AM
hope the circus folk DIE
Jason Nash November 05, 2013 at 02:18 PM
rot in fucking hell, do not buy a ticket to this shit, might as well buy a ticket to a slave auction


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