Blog: Puppy Mill Pets Trucked Into Russo's at Fashion Island

The Department of Agriculture licenses Commercial Canine Factory Farm Businesses and Not Family Breeders treating livestock as pets. Russo's Inhumane USDA Breeders with Federal Law Violations.

The family-owned neighborhood pet shop of the past is non-existent today. 

Nowadays many corporations call themselves “family businesses,” but they are really agressively manufacturing and retailing an endless flow of commercial puppies. It's a fact that 99 percent of pet store puppies come from inhumane USDA commercial breeding puppy mills. 

Legal evidence does not lie. The photos attached to this article show irrefutable legal government documents which prove Russo’s in Newport Beach is trucking in Midwest substandard commercial puppy mill puppies to be sold as “Champion” pets at Fashion Island.

The USDA is the sole regulator of federal law requiring humane treatment of our companions under USDA's Factory Farming Practices. The very same breeders they are paid to promote. Wolves in charge of the hen house has proven their complete inability to regulate the industry, documented by the U.S. Inspector General, Federal Court of Law, Senate and Congress. USDA protocols are flawed and non-existent, ending in the entire industry's violation of federal law, governing the very sparse and required treatment of companion animals under “The Animal Welfare Act.”

The lifetime horror lived by 1.5 million canine companions in commercial breeding puppy mills would shock your mind. Many of these poor animals are sold straight out of Russo’s Pet’s in Newport Beach's Fashion Island. While the store guarantees the sale of “high quality” and “champion pets," as is typical of his commercial breeding industry to utilize titles of intentional deceit. Incorporating terms such as “family” and “kennel,” unwitting consumers place values of “family” trust and believe their puppy was bred in a reputable breeding program at a “Kennel.”

The puppy mill industry is not limited to the actual mills as it includes retail outlets. This is the connection of Midwest puppy mill and Russo's Pets: Russo's puppies come from Substandard Puppy Mills and a Canine Carving Science Researcher with 630 dogs. 

Are All Russo’s Breeders Inhumane? Here are some of the red flags:

  • In an unprecedented move, the Irvine Company banned Russo's industry sales from all Irvine Company retail properties.
  • The owner of Russo's is a convicted criminal of animal cruelty.
  • Pet stores like are banned in every surrounding city of Newport Beach by the majority vote of ethical municipal government officials and are deemed unlawful industry sales.

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wendy bogdan June 08, 2012 at 06:58 PM
puppy mill pet stores are dead and the secret is out, the future business is in HUMANE BUSINESS MODEL. the human and loving treatment of animals!
Kelly Sawyer "Animal Defender" June 09, 2012 at 05:37 AM
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT RUSSO'S INHUMANE PUPPY MILL INDUSTRY, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE BY THE -MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE OF LAW- http://www.animallaw.info/articles/arus21villenvtllj159.htm It is mulit-faceted in nature and gives a great over view to the many complications of regulating this industry .....If laws were enforced such as child abuse and rape laws, these breeders would be serving jail sentences for the basic operating standards and horrific animal abuse practices all the way up to the delivery of the puppies on the front door step of the Pet Store-- PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF-- When the ASPCA leaves a comment stating Newport is a "TERRIBLE PUPPY MILL STORY"-- THEY ARE RIGHT!-- Stop supporting Russo's animal abuse Newport Beach city Council--and protect the city from this OBVIOUS PRACTICING CRIMINAL BUSINESS defrauding consumers and government officials in writing--- THIS IS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY BY A CONVICTED CRIMINAL-- When did city Politicians start sorting with Criminals they are supposed to protect Citizens and Children of Newport Beach from and are under obligation to by enforcing the laws that regulate their business? SHAME
Claire Vinet June 09, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Unbelievably, Russo's at the Spectrum had all sorts of lies/propaganda taped on their storefront window, including a picture (obviously photoshopped) of puppies sliding down slides in a miniature playground. Caption said something about that being the kinds of places they got their puppies from. Not anymore. All it took was an email to the appropriate parties in property management to have it removed. Point being: there are no depths to which Russo's won't sink if they believe it will make them a buck. The DiGiacomos are beyond contempt.
lizzie d June 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM
I was planning a vacation to visit family in Newport Beach with my children. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I will bring my children to a place that BOTH profits from and turns a blind eye to the animal cruelty at RUSSO'S. I am forwarding this information to my friends and family here in NY and abroad on my facebook account. LIZ DINARDO, Rochester, NY
Ida Alwin October 10, 2013 at 06:39 PM
I have written to the NBPD animal control with photographs of dogs on display sleeping in their own feces. It's disgusting that shops like this still exist.


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