Blog: Newport Beach City Council Invests in Convicted Animal Abusers

Newport Beach is ranked among the top 10 "Puppy Mill Cruelty Profiteering" cities in California, according to the Humane Society of the United States Investigation and National Report.

There is one issue where Republicans, Democrats and Liberal Americans collectively agree. No one likes puppy mills.

Unlawful federal torture of canines is not anyone's Consumer Choice. It’s criminal and if you feel entitled to this choice, I recommend you please seek counseling.

In Mayor Nancy Gardner’s March newsletter she mentions the issues of puppies and states, “Russo’s will be gone at the end of his lease.” Well Russo’s lease -- located at Fashion Island -- isn't up for FIVE MORE YEARS! Her slide in statement shows citizens want him gone, but then tells us the Newport Beach Council is flexing its political power to secure five more years of horrific canine cruelty for personal agendas. Fashion Island Puppy Mill Fraud!

Legal evidence of government USDA inspection reports and photos prove that Russo's is the puppy mill industry.

California and Orange County are the puppy mill industry's core retail outlet.  Various interstate health inspection certificates show puppies entering California come from Missouri (The Puppy Mill Capital). Russo’s Pets PEAKED the list at #7 for the entire state of California, accompanied by his breeder “SANJON Kennels” ranking third among the dealers. (see attached photos)

City Council’s evidence of Newport’s canine federal torture funding to puppy mills?

  • Russo’s state law violations included in several USDA documents and reports show fatally diseased animals, a high number of documented third world human contagious disease infected puppies and potentially lethl threts to children due to transmission handling of infected animals.

Republicans in Congress have refused puppy mill profits, declaring PRO FEDERAL CANINE TORTURE IS IMMORAL AND BAD BUSINESS.”

WHY then, is the Newport Beach City Council denying property tax payers their right to live in a humane city? The nation expects exceptional standards from Newport Beach, as do the city's residents. As established and reputable people who pay high property taxes for our exceptional community living, we will not sacrifice our cities dignity to aide convicted cruelty criminals or personal political agendas. 

Newport Beach is ranked as a top, cruel puppy mill profiteering city under our current status and we demand our council relieve us of this disgraceful burden that is not ours to bare.

We are national award winners for “preservation of life” and do not invest in federal torture of our companion animals who are a large part of our families.

The irrefutable truth about Newport Beach's support of puppy mill federal torture is posted in the Photo Section of this article and is merely the tip of the iceberg.  

What are your thoughts? Tell me about them in the comments section.

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b calvillo May 16, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Newport Beach is surrounded by cities that have already banned sale of dogs/cats because retailers keep puppy mills in business and these cities want to protect consumers. NB has recently failed to make sound decisions. The Balboa Bay Club (on land that was given as a present to the citizens of Orange County) is now owned by a foreign investment company.
Lisa K. Kuehl May 27, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Thank you , Kelly, for making the connection between pet store puppies and puppy mills. I live in Iowa, the #2 puppy mill state in the nation, right behind Missouri. In Iowa, we have nearly 240 USDA licensed and inspected puppy mills, and many of them have been cited for serious violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Inspection reports and file photos document unimaginable abuse. Anyone thinking that this is not an ongoing problem is PART of the problem. And to Black-Eyed Consumer...your statement "Yes, people in our city want pets and we buy them from area pet stores....generally speaking, our residents are not buying mangy neglected animals"... is THE very reason that puppy mills continue to flourish...selfish consumers failing to recognize or in denial about the severity of this problem. The cute puppies you are gobbling up in Newport Beach are condemning 23,000 adult breeding dogs in Iowa to a life of harsh misery. Google PUPPY MILLS and get educated instead of keeping your head in the sand. And then go do the right thing and adopt from a local shelter or rescue group. Be part of the solution instead.
Hope June 08, 2012 at 02:09 AM
I had lived in your community for several years. Please open your eyes to what is really going on. Puppy mills exist everywhere and pet stores receive these precious dogs from all over (including Newport Beach). We have 4 rescue dogs and one of them was a breeding mother. The emotional damage done to her is horrible. Everyone who defends stores that sell puppies should live several weeks with a dog who has lost its soul and will to live. Thank you for at least getting your pet from a rescue.
moo June 24, 2012 at 10:37 PM
I don't care who's doing it, where they come from. It's an horrific way to make money, pet shops should shun the provision of animals from these places of horror. It should be illegal, the reason it isn't is becausethey are meeting theneed of selfish people and there's big bucks to be made. Anyone condoning this has blood on their hands and no heart. As for the Amish people...you will meet God one day and you can try to explain why you tortured God's animals. Good luck with that.
Jessy Stegmeir Keller June 25, 2012 at 12:57 AM
I'm sure your cute, over priced puppy wasn't mangy and neglected, but do you know where the parents are? Do you know how they live? Educate yourself. Learn about the puppy mills. Your pet store puppy didn't just appear from a loving, tender home...they were made in a factory, same as your shoes.


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