Thank You, President Obama

President Obama and his supporters believe in the Government. ... We believe in giving everybody an equal opportunity but cannot guarantee equal outcomes.

Readers of this blog know I enjoy talking about the Constitution. Not as an attorney, I’m not one, nor in a scholastic manner. I like talking about it as a concept which I believe has set this country apart from any other country in terms of success for its citizens.

Last week President Obama made his now famous remark that successful people did not become successful because of their own actions, but because of the Government. It is a take-off on the “It takes a Village” concept from the sixties. I believe the President has a strong belief that people need help in order to be successful. His remarks come at a great time because we citizens are trying to decide who will lead us for the next four years. I would like to tie this to the discussion about the Constitution.

Our Founders were fearful of a large Federal Government. They spent time trying to limit any success the Government might have in assuming a large role in an individual citizen’s life. Over the last 200 years courts and politicians have moved away from this concept little by little. So, today we have a Federal Government that is large, intrusive, expensive and non-responsive to the individual. Because of this a divide has been created in this country. The political divide is between the big government people and the Capitalists.

The political divide has caused our political parties to place their own philosophies ahead of critical issues facing this country. Nothing is getting done because each side fears the other is dooming the country to failure. These issues are so varied that neither party is right 100% of the time. We the people have lost our common ground. The loser in each political disagreement is the people of this country.

So along comes President Obama and with clarity defines the problem so we can see the naked truth of what divides us.

Here is how I see it. President Obama and his supporters believe in the Government. They believe a large number of people have a limited chance of success and face starvation if not for the Government. They are people who truly want the best for everybody, but fear most people cannot make their way without help. They believe that the right leaders can save people. This is a very attractive thought process, were it not for history, a very defensible position.

People like me believe in people and their abilities. We believe in a small Government with limited powers. We believe in giving everybody an equal opportunity but cannot guarantee equal outcomes. We understand people have different abilities, work ethics and desires. We believe that some will fail; actually we understand that some people will fail a number of times. But we believe having a freedom to fail gives people the freedom to succeed.

So now we are presented a clear choice. History tells me we have faced similar decisions in the past and made good decisions. I believe the American people still understand we are special and this comes from having a great Constitution.

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bbq July 29, 2012 at 08:19 AM
Dan, In response to your response at 9:46 pm on Saturday: *Nothing is taken out of context. I copied and pasted excerpts from your comments which show you attacking people. In my book, if you attack the person's ideas, you are attacking the person. (#2,7 and 9). *It's OK that we disagree. I do not believe in unions, you do. No problema! *Thank you for finally answering the "grandfather" question I asked you. OK, so we are clear - you think that children in the future of the USA will be quitting school in third grade to help support their families. I disagree. That would be against the law and I don't see the law changing. *You say that #3 was said by TinyTom. See below: "Dan Avery 2:22 pm on Thursday, July 26, 2012 George Bush bailed out the banks and Wall Street. George Bush was a liberal? Seriously Tinytom? You haven't proven anything beyond doubt, clearly. In fact your argument is nonsensical. Mainly because you keep saying the same thing rather than engaging my points in a meaningful way. I'm assuming you got your b.a. degree at a state school?" *"Number 8 is actually a definition and not an ad hominem argument." Calling someone "functionally illiterate" is a definition? Pointing out their grammatical errors is a definition? Look, all I'm saying is that we are all human and make mistakes. I go on the attack as well when I am attacked. It's our nature. However, if we're going to dish it out, we'd better be able to take it, too. Agreed?
Dan Avery July 29, 2012 at 09:25 PM
 bbq, attacking someone's idea is called "argumentation." When you quote one sentencem a person you are taking it out context. This is taught in Universities all over the world. It's taught in high schools in many many countries. As far as your statement that you go on attack when you're attacked, isn't the whole truth because you made the following comment without me ever addressing you. I'm sure that is true. However your comment of 8:45 pm on Friday, July 27, 2012 "BS, Dan. Who do you know that has quit school in the third grade lately..." What I said "we will return..." but you had me saying "we had returned..." So either you don't comprehend what you read or you look for intellectual fights. Currently there are laws that protect kids in this country, which is why companies like Philip Morris, Hershey, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Toys ‘R’ Us, Urban Outfitters, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Xbox and Nike took their production overseas. The fact that you don't think we could possibly return to those days tells me you don't understand why child labor exists, why the above named US Corporations exploit children, and why the above named Corporations have done nothing to stop it except for the lame ad Hershey ran before the Super Bowl.
Dan Avery July 29, 2012 at 09:30 PM
By the way the errors above are editing errors. I have multiple sclerosis and today I got tired of fighting the keyboard. Usually I work hard to clean it up but bbq isn't worth the effort.
Silence Dogood July 31, 2012 at 04:58 PM
@JohnBGreet Wow, that's very generous of you to allow "some" regulation. I'm not sure how/why that works with your idea that the market takes care of itself. If the market is so self-regulating why have any intervention? It's also interesting that you're okay with government regulation when it comes to product/service safety. This seems a little schizophrenic. One the one hand you have faith in the market, but on the other you allow that the government needs to intervene. The market, left to it's own devices, is a disaster. Anti-regulation, unfettered free-marketers, and anti-gov't folks are completely unburdened by history and facts. We know that without government intervention child labor in the US would still be happening. We know what happened when Glass-Steagall was repealed. We know that some regulation is burdensome, but that does not make all regulation bad. What you personally choose to believe is irrelevant. History shows that without regulation, the market offers too much opportunity for bad behavior that negatively affects too many. "The market is only as unfair as the consumers allow it to be..." Really? Where exactly do consumers have the option to say no to the backdoor deals and cheating on Wall St? Consumers are at the mercy of fixed markets, but since we don't find out they're fixed until a disaster strikes, then what?
David A. McVicker August 31, 2012 at 06:17 AM
I hate Obama


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