Hope is for Losers. Winners Have a Plan

President Obama based his political strategy on the word "Hope." Hope is for losers. Winners have a plan and work the plan.

Driving home the other evening I had a chance to listen closely to President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.  You have already made up your mind on how it went, but I did have some thoughts on what was said.

The speech and his strategy are built on the word "Hope." As a former sales executive and now owner of a business which employs sales people the word hope is a red flag for me. Over the years I have hired many sales people and have developed an ear for what people say. The most successful people have a plan.

They plan to call so many people a day. They plan to set so many appointments each week. Their plan tells them that success will come from purposeful steps which lead to appointments with people who may need our services. This is the mindset of a person who not only sells more than the average person, but they achieve more than the average person.

I have also hired people who were well spoken, presented themselves very well and had the look of a successful person. However, after a short time it would be apparent they were not keeping up with the other people in the office. When I talked with them they always used the word hope. “I hope to do this next week, I hope to have this many appointments, I hope to make this much money.” But when pressed they have vague, if any, plans for actually achieving their goals.

Listening to President Obama it suddenly hit me as to why he is the most
unsuccessful President since Jimmy Carter. President Obama looks good, speaks well and hopes to achieve great things. When dealing with a sales person who depends on hope, I help them find a new career. You see, they will be disappointed each day and their frustrations will bleed over to the other people. One person relying on hope can ruin an entire team. So it is with President Obama, the only course of action is to help him find another career. 

In his speech President Obama spoke of his grandfather who fought with General Patton in WWII. It was a poor choice for an example. I spent my early years working for that generation of people. They achieved great things because they were independent, tough-minded, goal-oriented doers. The majority of these people would have looked at President Obama’s agenda and shook their heads in
disgust. The WWII generation was not in favor of welfare, they did not want the government telling them what to do, and they actually believed the government worked for them and not the other way around. President Obama should stay away from the comparison because his plans are far different than the 1950’s
American dream.

Finally, he called on the remembrances of President FDR. This is where he should be most comfortable. FDR, Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama will go down in history as the worst, most intrusive, least effective Presidents in our history.  They will also be remembered as the Presidents who were the most effective in damaging the Constitution. They will also be remembered as causing the
most damage to our economy during their tenure.

The majority of Americans now realize Barack Obama was a mistake for the country. The majority now realize we must go in a different direction. I believe the American people will save this country by replacing Barack and hiring Mitt
Romney. This in itself will not save the country. The Democratic Party is right
when they say the Republicans have been part of the problem. The Republican Party must move away from many of the things they have done over the past 20 years.

This country needs conservative values, less government intrusion into our lives and less interference in other countries.

Our vision is not the vision of the rest of the world. It is time to stop killing young Americans by injecting our beliefs into foreign governments.

Our friends are our friends and those who are not friends should understand our policy will be reflected in that relationship. 

We need to understand government has defined powers as outlined in the Constitution. Any government intrusion into any area not outlined in the Constitution should be immediately stopped by the Congress and the Courts. We must stop electing people because they have been around a long time, we need to understand what they accomplished and hold them accountable. It is our money that pays these people and we should demand excellence.

We should demand that news organizations report the news in a concise, nonpolitical manner. When we see bias in reporting, we need to band together and stop using that source. The news should be reporting on what elected officials accomplish even if they disagree with the politician's agenda. We gave news organizations special privileges, but they are required to operate in a non-bias, non-political and non-directive manner. If they fail to accomplish these goals, the protections need to be removed.  We, the American people own the airwaves and the press operates at our pleasure. We can remove the privilege at our discretion.

We have tried a form of soft socialism for four years and lived the mess it made.  In August four people gave up and dropped out of the job market for every person who found a job. This is not our way.

Unemployment hits the minority groups the hardest. Did we fight the battle for equal rights to then form another way of excluding minorities by making sure they don’t have jobs to achieve the American Dream? It is simple, we made a mistake. We Americans know how to correct our errors.

We will move forward, but let’s be more careful of the powers we give politicians and the government.

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John Webb September 16, 2012 at 09:35 PM
mfriedrich, thank you, I do understand your point. Here are some quotes from this blog:james dilullon Monday, September 10, 2012 "The ramblings of a mad man with no concept of history or even the meaning of hope. Next time it would save us all a lot of time if you simply just posted the date and time of the next teabaggers meeting." Elston HowardTuesday, September 11, 2012 "So this guy calls employees who work for him losers instead of working with them. Who is the real loser here?" Who said I didn't work with them or find them a more appropriate job? I did run for office, against an incumbent Republican. We need to move toward the Constitution. We tried Obama, it did not work. Next, we will try Romney and judge his results. If it doesn't work, it may be time for a third party using the Constitution as their guilding light. We are losing our economy, we need leadership not hope. We are losing our freedom we need a plan, not hope. The middle class is being hurt by this administration. Compromise does not mean agreeing with the Progressives, but this is many people's point of view. I reject it and reserve the right to campaign for an America that is economically strong where everybody has an equal chance. It may be impossible to be politically correct. Here is the truth, Obama is not the answer. Keeping quiet or submissive is not the answer. Voting for the America you want IS the answer.
fact checker September 18, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Romney apparently doesn't want 47% of his fellow Americans. That is not my answer.
CDC October 28, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWJyI9OybWk&feature=related
CDC October 28, 2012 at 07:31 PM
"This country needs conservative values, less government intrusion into our lives and less interference in other countries." Gee, don't they get that in the countries where they out source our jobs for pennies, pollute the third world land and rivers, and pay off the foreign government officials to do anything they want. Yeah, we need that type of government working hear.
CDC October 28, 2012 at 07:58 PM
"So why, other than the $1T Stimulus Plan wet dream, has the debt exploded in 3-1/2 years?" Everything is made in China now. No jobs here mean no tax base. The days of flipping houses are over. That was a false economy. That means we need to burrow money to keep the same services. Do you live in a cave? Real wages have not gone up in years, yet the big corporations are sc*ewing us on the price of everything! A good example is the price of cars. I bought a nice new car in 2002 for 21,000. That same model today is selling for 48,000. Why? Natural resources have not gone up that much except for oil. The electronics/computers in cars are cheaper, labor is cheaper due to unions getting busted. The assembly of cars is even cheaper and faster due to better automation and robots. And yet the price of my car has more than doubled in 9 years? Why? Because the car companies want EVERYONE to lease now. They can make a zillion dollars more leasing cars for two years, than selling them for what a new car should go for! This game is going on everywhere. Companies that outsource and ship their junk back here to sell ARE NOT PASSING ON THE SAVINGS. Instead they are unjustly raising prices on products they are all ready making HUGE profit margins. And to make it worse, more people are retiring with huge entitlements. Cities are going bankrupt left and right since they can't pay for the increasing number of retired people and a smaller workforce tax base.


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