Does Our Constitution Stand A Prayer?

Some tell us that God has no place in politics. ... My reading of the Constitution says it promises us Freedom of Religion, not freedom from Religion.

When one is concerned about the future of the Constitution the first question might be where we look for defenders. You might think everybody would be defenders. Sadly, that is not true. There are interest groups working to invent
new rights, new relationships and new powers never envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Those who want to look to the original document are usually looked upon as “old white conservative guys.” It hurts that I qualify, but let’s look elsewhere for an “army” to defend our Constitution.

The other day driving down the Toll Road I passed Saddleback Church. I do attend on occasion, but on this particular day I was coming from a political event. I noticed the parking lot held about a zillion cars. I also suddenly realized there is more than one campus and more than one service. There is also The Vineyard and several other major churches in our neighborhood.  What an army of concerned, God fearing, family raising, hardworking and over taxed group of people that has to number in the thousands. These Christians are also the target of many of the changes that adversely affect our freedoms.  Some tell us that God has no place in politics. These same people apparently didn’t read much about our Founding Fathers.

Quick thought process: there are about 700,000 people in a Congressional District, and about 100,000 voted in the 45th District in June. Of the 100,000 who voted, how many are Christians? Better yet, how many would there be if the Pastors in each church came out strongly encouraging every citizen to vote in each election? 

Pastors would not be telling people how to vote, but encouraging them to
vote their beliefs.

My reading of the Constitution says it promises us freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Christians have a right, in their church, to encourage political participation and even hold classes to discuss items coming to a ballot near you. I know some churches have been threatened by the IRS as if they engage in political activity. There are groups devoted to protecting the right of participation by the churches. If you need one, contact me.

My questions for the day:

  • What affect on the political process would there be if the churches mobilized behind their beliefs? 
  • What would happen to the direction of this country if churches demanded the government fulfill its role as protector? 
  • How much more aware would the electorate be if churches held classes
    before each election and brought knowledgeable people in to talk about the issues? 
  • We, as Christians, have a point of view that is not being recognized. Is it
    OK with you if Christians are marginalized in politics today?

Final thought for today. Have you asked your pastor to help you and your family better understand the issues of the day? If we are going to lose this country, you can bet the Christians will be a target of what follows.

Happy Independence Day.  God bless all you people around the world protecting us. We are thankful for your service and you are in our prayers.

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The Shill July 16, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Let’s face it, we don’t suffer any real persecutions in this country. When somebody makes you feel bad for going to church on Sunday, they aren’t truly hurting you. Now, having your skin slowly peeled off, or being fed to lions, or being beaten to death – that’s what real persecution is! The church faced it for years after Jesus and many people in the world still face things like that today, but not in this nation. Many choose to ignore the real persecutions, whether they be religious or otherwise, in this world and whine about how the ACLU won’t let you pray in a public state-funded school that could contain people of many other religious backgrounds. You will throw their weight around when teachers balk at teaching garbage science or when you aren’t allowed to put up a nativity scene on every street corner, but you are ignoring the real problems in our world. Is it because you don’t care?
The Shill July 16, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Thousands of people die in Africa daily of preventable diseases and our churches are spending their money on erecting bigger and better building with all the bells and whistles so that everybody in their 90% Christian neighborhood can see how much they love God. Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering mass human genocide around the world, while many Christians are fighting to have the Ten Commandments on our public courthouses! Not to mention the terrible social injustices in our own nation, where there are still children who don’t have enough to eat despite our status as the richest nation in the history of the world.
The Shill July 16, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Can you imagine what would happen if Christians pooled their resources and worked together on these problems? I can just imagine it here where poverty, homelessness are rampant. If the large churches came together with the goal to end poverty they could do it and we would all be better for it. But, Christendom is currently too embroiled in pointless “battles” to care about the issues that really matter.
Silence Dogood July 16, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Whether or not there's any real persecution in this country may be debatable, but clearly there is no persecution of Christians. It is completely made up. In order to persecute Christians for their beliefs we'd need to care, and we don't. You can believe anything you want (e.g., you'll get your own planet after death). We don't care. Really. It's you, the religious persecutors, that want to cram your parochial beliefs down everyone's throats and punish non-believers based on your narrow view of the world. You are not being persecuted if the rest of us (e.g., fact-believers) refuse to be governed by your fairy tales.
Shripathi Kamath August 23, 2012 at 01:58 AM
@Panglonymous, guess what else has disappeared? David Barton's book, the one with a foreword by Beck, and an intro by Huckabee. That is, the publisher pulled his book because it contained way too many factual errors. http://bit.ly/O6lDXd Chris Rodda was instrumental in getting this demagogue re-exposed. http://bit.ly/O6lLGk In related news, he'll be on Beck TV 24x7 for a few days. Watch for another Huckabee led protest asking people to buy this book, because, freedom of speech. Also liberal plot. From http://bit.ly/O6m1Fb "[A] group of conservative scholars says Barton’s take on Jefferson is factually untrue. And a group of ministers from Cincinnati called on Nelson to cancel the book. Casey Francis Harrell, director of corporate communications for Thomas Nelson, said the publisher had gotten several complaints about the book and found enough errors to cancel it" Yup, crucified by his own. Jesus like?


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