Newport Author Releases Paranormal Book

Inspired by her time in a haunted cottage in Carmel, Mary Castillo wrote Girl in the Mist.

Newport Beach-based author Mary Castillo recently announced the release of Girl in the Mist, her short story e-book which is a continuation of the Dori Orihuela Paranormal Mystery series.  

Castillo's short story is set in Carmel, where she spent time with her family, and picks up up where her novel, Lost in the Light, left off. Castilllo said Girl in the Mist answers the questions that readers have been emailing her, will Dori and Gavin get together and will Dori continue to help the dead?  

"Dori and Gavin's relationship was the classic 'the one that got away' and while it wasn't at the forefront of the novel, readers were rooting for them to get together," Castillo said.  

Dori Orihuela, the heroine of Lost in the Light and Girl in the Mist, is a robbery detective with San Diego Police Department. In the first book, she became a  psychic whose powers manifested after she was shot on the job. One afternoon, a bootlegger who died in 1932, materialized out of her butler's pantry and asked her to find the woman he loved and died to protect.

Castillo called it her homage to one of her favorite movies, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.    

Girl in the Mist is available through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Smashwords.


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