Costa Mesa Solar Workshop This Saturday 6/14

Sullivan Solar Power, a leading Southern California renewable energy company, will be hosting an educational lunch and learn for residents in the surrounding Costa Mesa area this weekend. The seminar will cover solar technology, Federal rebates, case studies and the Orange County Solar Program.


The Orange County Solar Program allows property owners in Orange County to own a solar power system for as little as no money out-of-pocket and receive substantial cash back incentives from Sullivan Solar Power. Program incentives are in addition to the federal solar incentives.


A typical homeowner, installing a solar power system with around 6,000 watts of solar capacity, will see their monthly electricity bill reduced from $234 to $184 on average. In addition to immediate cash-flow savings, the homeowner will receive a Federal Tax Credit to the tune of $7,000.  


The Orange County Solar Program, administered by Sullivan Solar Power, is modeled such that early adopters receive the highest incentives. The program is structured into three phases, and as milestones are reached, incentive amounts will drop. The program is currently in Phase II. 

·        Phase I:   0-250kW = $0.40/AC watt up to $2,000

·        Phase II:  250kW-750kW = $0.30/AC watt up to $1,500

·        Phase III: 750kW-1,350kW = $0.20/AC watt up to $1,000

To inform residents about the new initiative, a Costa Mesa luncheon will take place Saturday, June 14 at the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Ave, Costa Mesa, from 11a.m. to 12p.m. For more information about the Orange County Solar Program, call 1-800-785-5482 or visit www.OCSolarProgram.com.


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