PIMCO Founder Donates $2 Million to Hoag for Breast Cancer

Bill and Sue Gross donate $2 million to the Hoag Hospital Foundation to expand the work of breast cancer specialist Dr. Melvin Silverstein.

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has received a $2 million donation from Bill and Sue Gross to help expand the work of Hoag Hospital breast cancer surgeon and researcher Dr. Melvin Silverstein, the hospital announced Monday.

The donation from philanthropists Bill Gross, the founder of Newport Beach-based PIMCO, and his wife, Sue, establishes The Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery.

“We wholeheartedly support Hoag in providing the endowed chair model for medical leaders such as Dr. Silverstein to expand their impact far beyond their patients while advancing their fields," Sue Gross, president of the family's foundation, said in a released statement. "The contributions Hoag’s endowed chairs are able to make with these resources are invaluable to the organization and the community.”

Silverstein, who came to Hoag five years ago from a professor of surgery position at USC, plans to use the money generated by the new endowment to  train other physicians.

“The Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery will allow me to train even more fellows, who will reach many additional patients throughout the world," Silverstein explained. "Passing on knowledge is critical to our long-term efforts, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to do so.”

“Their generosity helped build the Sue & Bill Gross Women’s Pavilion which houses the Hoag Breast Care Center, Orange County’s leading center for breast care. Their newest major gift clearly shows they believe in our mission, and I am deeply touched by this honor and recognition.”

Bill and Sue Gross also donated money to help build the Sue and Bill Gross Women's Pavilion at Hoag Hospital, which houses the Hoag Breast Care Center. Hoag officials says the endowed chair model will ensure the Breast Care Center at Hoag remains a leader in Orange County and continues to open doors in breast cancer treatments.

“Endowed chairs provide our physician leaders like Dr. Silverstein with additional financial resources and greater flexibility to inspire new ways of care and to quickly seize opportunities that may arise outside of the regular planning process,” said Dr. Richard Afable, the hospital's president and CEO. “We are very grateful for this latest generous gift from Sue and Bill Gross."

Hoag now has seven endowed chair positions that are enabling the hospital to expand and improve programs in cancer, cardiac care, memory loss and cognitive impairment, neurosciences, cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal disease and now breast care.













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