News Brief: Lane Closures at John Wayne Airport

Lane closures on MacArthur Boulevard near John Wayne Airport will be in effect this weekend.

Passengers should expect traffic delays today and tomorrow at John Wayne Airport due to construction and road work, the airport reported.

Portions of MacArthur Boulevard, adjacent to the main entrance and exit to John Wayne Airport, will be narrowed today and Sunday to make way for street maintenance resurfacing work by the city of Irvine.

A portion of the lower/arrival level of the airport roadway will also be narrowed to allow for continued construction on the pillars supporting the upper/ departure level roadway. Portions of the white passenger pickup lanes and curb will be narrowed as well.

Airport officials say driver should know the lower/arrival level roadway traffic is particularly heavy between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. airport passengers and visitors are strongly encouraged to give themselves ample time to get to the airport and through airport roadways. Drivers picking up passengers at the airport are encouraged to utilize 2-hour parking spaces located on the lower level of Parking Structures A1, B2 and C - rather than the roadway - while waiting.

 For general information about John Wayne Airport, call 949.252.5200.



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