Rehab Home Can Stay Open During Lawsuit

An Orange County judge rules Newport Beach's Morningside Recovery can operate during a legal battle with the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

A rehab facility with homes in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa can continue to treat alcoholics and drug addicts while a lawsuit is underway, according to the Daily Pilot.

Orange County Superior Court Judge William Monroe denied a request Thursday from the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs to close the doors of Newport-Beach based Morningside Recovery.

"Morningside has a victory, and we get exonerated, in a sense," Morningside Chief Executive Mary Helen Beatificato told the newspaper.

ADP, the state agency that regulates rehabilitation facilities, says they will continue to explore its options.

Read the full story on the Daily Pilot.

Kelly Sawyer "Animal Defender" November 20, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Ha! Exonerated.... that's a joke.... Morningside is just counting on the Recovery Community not to step and tell the truth.... I know Former Senior Resident placed in charge that lived in the facility to oversee the uncommitted spoiled kids sent there by rich parents and had no intention of learning or maintaining any sobriety... The stuff they pulled there made it CLEARLY OBVIOUS, Safety, REHAB, and Housing Rules were in direct proportion to HOW MUCH MORE MONEY PARENTS PARENTS WERE WILLING TO FORK UP--- When places like this operate, Diseased addicts trying to save their life have no chance UNDER LOCK DOWN IN TOXIC ENVIRONMENT- A Difficult situation... NBPD has no ethics either especially if sufferring from addiction even if you are more sober than the whole department put together... REFORM NEEDED DESPERATELY IN BOTH INSTITUTIONS....It's reasons like this, innocent people end up dead when it was entirely KNOWN AND PREVENTABLE


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