Iconic Toy Boat Continues to Sail

The community's support of KFI AM 640's Cash Mob at Corona del Mar's Toy Boat! Toy Boat! Toy Boat! helps the landmark toy store stay afloat.

was expected to close its doors this week, but the community's support of has helped the Corona del Mar store keep its head above the water.

While the store began the week with a grim outlook, Tuesday's cash mob generated hundreds of customers who purchased more than 621 toys. Owners Lori and Mike Curtin remained busy Friday counting their , and their blessings too.

"We would have never got these people in the store, if it hadn't been for KFI," Lori Curtin said. "We hope to remain open."

The Curtins received an extension on the store's rent from their landlord, but the husband and wife team say they will be making some changes in order to keep their toy store -- -- rooted in the community for another 50 years.

"We hope that people will continue to support us," Lori Curtin said. "We are not out of the woods yet."

Their plans include building a website to sell toys online in order to extend Toy Boat's customer base, and to use social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to keep customers up to date on what's new at the store. 

And although the lines of customers faded after the cash mob event wrapped, Toy Boat is still getting an overflow of calls and donations from KFI  listeners from all over Southern California.

"This shows how important small businesses are to the community," Lori Curtin said. "And ours just happens to be a toy store in Corona del Mar."

Lori Curtin says she and her husband are dedicated to rebuilding their business carefully and taking each day with a new appreciation. As a way to express their gratitude, Lori Curtin has been emailing and mailing thank you cards to those customers who stepped in during Toy Boat's most critical hours.

"I want to thank them for their support and hanging in their with us," she said. "I know that people can't buy a toy every time they come into the store, but that's not what this is about."

Toy Boat is located at 3331 East Coast Highway in CDM and can be reached at 949-673-3791 or on Facebook here.


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