Art Blooms at Roger's Gardens

Art event unites painters, gardeners and locals in a day of celebrating nature and local art.

Roger’s Gardens teemed with life over the weekend as the Corona del Mar nursery hosted its first day dedicated to art.

Adults and children strolled throughout the gardens Saturday while 50 local artists propped up their easels in front of fountains, statues and rows of blooming plants and painted during the Day of Art event.

“Today is an outreach,” said Theresa Marino, manager of Roger's Fine Art Gallery. “We wanted to support the arts while giving something to the community that supports us so much.”

The first event of its kind hosted by Roger’s Gardens, the art event offered participants the chance to take part in watercolor, pencil, and pastel workshops run by professional artists, as well as learn about different exotic fruits, vegetables and plants. 

“We’re always interested in going to the art festivals where the artists set up and paint,” said Eric Wolff, as he and his daughter Natalie grabbed pencils and clipboards at a leaf-and-flower-sketching workshop. “When we saw there were workshops too, we got really excited.”

Marino says because the art event was so popular, another art day is tentatively being planned in the coming months so artists can share their passion with the community.

“I like that you get to see thinking on paper,” illustrator Tania Marien explained during the leaf-and-flower workshop. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, it’s about making a discovery.”


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