Residents Urged to Report Dolphin Sightings

In her June newsletter, Newport Beach Mayor Nancy Gardner lends her support to the Coastal Dolphin Survey by asking community members to keep their eyes peeled for dolphins.

The next time you see a dolphin frolicking in the waters off Newport Beach, Mayor Nancy Gardner want you to report the sighting.

The sightings of the Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins will be used in research being conducted by the Coastal Dolphin Survey Project by a group of professors and students at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. The focus of the project is to determine the population dynamics, biology, and ecology of the coastal bottlenose dolphin population of Orange County, educate OCC students and use the research to inform the Orange County community about dolphin biology.

"The more we know about these delightful creatures the more we can do to protect them," Gardner said.

The Coastal Dolphin Survey Project is being led by Dennis Kelly, a Marine Sciene professor at OCC.  To report a dolphin sighting, send an email to dolphinproject@hotmail.com with the date, time, location, director of travel and number of dolphins sighted.




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