Blog: Niyamas, The Second Limb of Yoga

Now that we have finished the first Limb, the Yamas it is time to move on to the second. Niyamas are the Second Limb of Yoga and this week I will give a simple overview of this Limb.

Now that we completed the Yamas (the first limb of yoga) let's do a quick re-cap.

The Yamas are the outward observances, tools for interacting with our environment to help us get along in this world.  If you remember they were:

Ahimsa- non violence

Satya- truthfulness

Ashteya- not stealing

Brahmacharya- chasity, and

Aparigraha- lack of greed

The second Limb, the Niyamas are tools for inward observances, interacting with ourselves if you will.  They are:

Saucha- cleanliness

Santosha- contentment

Tapas- self-discipline

Svadhyaya- self-study, knowledge of self, and

Ishvara pranidhana- faith, surrender

So, next week we will begin by looking a little more closely at Saucha, cleanliness.  

Over time we will see how all of these concepts overlap and build a web of support for us to stand on, in our greatest practice...the practice of living well, ultimately creating a well lived life.  

I think of my life, and yours too, as... works of art. We are creating a history each day by the choices that we make.  A painting, a sculpture, a life.  I don't know about you but I want to create a life of beauty!  I hope to leave a piece of art in the minds of those that knew me.  Namaste.



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