Animal Lovers: Votes Needed for At-Risk Dog Contest

A Newport Beach-based German Shepherd dog rescue is in the running to win $5,000 to help care for at-risk dogs in Orange County.

A German Shepherd dog rescue based in Newport Beach is in the running to win $5,000 to help save more at-risk dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is one of 25 organizations vying for the $5,000 prize in the Facebook Dirty Dogs Contest. Piper, a dog rescued by GSROC, is the online face of the non-profit group hoping to help win money for the orgnization that saved her from a public animal shelter.

"This money will help German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County care for more German Shepherds that have been abused or abandoned," Jennah Laranjo, the group's spokeswoman, told Patch. "It will help pay their medical bills to get them rehabilitated and trained."

Piper was rescued by GSROC in September and suffered from pneumonia and a serious skin infection that caused her paws to swell to three times their normal size and required her to be hospitalized for 30 days. Had it not been for the intervention of GSROC, Piper would have died in the animal shelter, Laranjo said.

The family that fostered Piper has made her a permanent part of their family and entered the Facebook contest to hopefully make it possible for GSROC to save more dogs like Piper.

To help GSROC secure the $5,000, log onto dirtydogscontest.com and vote for Piper via Facebook daily through Friday. 

Kelly Sawyer "Animal Defender" November 20, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Hurray!!.. Newport Beach Supports You!.. I am posting on my international Rescue and Advocacy site to promote.. I have had German Shepherds my whole life until just a few years ago,.. I aid Rescues pulling from O.C.Kill Shelter , foster, and help find foster homes.. Often it is Beautiful Noble Shepherds dumped in that horrible concentration camp smelling of death with constant crying from dogs that put overboard into shedding tears.. German Shepherds are our Policemen, our War Heroes, and Rescuers in Natural Disasters and see Society dispose of them like used trash is a DISGRACE TO ORANGE COUNTY AND ALL OF AMERICA. The most beautiful , perfect, purebred YOUNG Heroes, trapped and begging as the clock ticks away for Rescue to gather funds... God Bless your Organization you are my hero and Necessary Valuable Service maintaining what little humanity we spare our Canine Companions these days... helping now if there is anything you need in future, please contact me - republicansagainstcruelty@gmail.com Also, I am blogger for patch, if you have fosters looking for homes, please send me pic and info and I will post their pictures on my articles ..GOD SPEED!
Kelly Sawyer "Animal Defender" November 20, 2012 at 01:06 AM
COMMENT FOR COUNCIL- Newport Citizens are truly DISGRACED that Council Supports a Convicted Cruelty Criminal selling FEDERAL TORTURE PUPPIES TO OUR FAMILIES UNDER FRAUD!.. We pay taxes to live in a city that reflects the Values and Standards of the Community not your personal TORTURE TAX AGENDAS. Republicans have intervened small business of Pet Stores (USDA PUPPY MILL OUTLETS) due extreme fiscal and emotional harm to constituents in their communities-- This Shepherd Rescue deserves support and Opportunity from our community NOT CONVICTED CRIMINALS WHOSE STORE DOCUMENTS CONTINUE VIOLATE STATE LAWS IN COMMITTING CONSUMER FRAUD SELLING FATALLY DISEASED AND CONTAGIOUS DISEASED ANIMALS TO OUR COMMUNITY -- YOUR PERSONAL POLITICAL AGENDAS IN THIS MATTER IS AN UTTER DISGRACE TO OUR ENTIRE CITY AND PROPERTY TAX PAYERS THAT PROVIDE THE FUNDS TO RUN IT!! Newport Citizens are ethical Canine Loving Community and your criminal shelter, criminal pet store owner, and criminal Animal Control Department is EXPOSED IN 2013- Animals have Rights, AVMA states Animal Welfare is a Human Responsibility and the community needs to know you are using there money to turn them into a bunch Animal Abusers when our reserves are highest in HISTORY-- YOUR CITY STAFF REPORT ON THE SHELTER LIED ABOUT CRIMINAL HISTORY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dH5GkBkhHk
Maria November 20, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Please help this very dedicated group of volunteers bring home this $5,000 prize! This money is desperately needed to help save more local dogs from hardship and homelessness. Please vote daily and share this story so that PIPER can bring home the prize!


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