Update: Tonight's Fare at the Food Truck Fair

Note to self: Never post food truck announcement on empty stomach.


Tonight, Dec. 20, the Picnic at the Plaza at Los Alamitos’ US Bank parking lot will feature

Rancho A Go Go


Sexy Burger


Fresh Fries

Crepes Bonaparte

The Bakery Truck

Information courtesy Anna Otto, recreation assistant with the city's Recreation and Community Services department.

The picnic takes place every Thursday evening at US Bank at 10942 Pine Street beginning at 5 p.m.

UPDATED: There will be no wine and beer garden at the adjacent St. Isidore Historic Plaza Dec. 20. The next date of the garden will be Jan. 10.

Funds from the alcohol sales go toward the effort to save the historic St. Isidore Church.

met00 December 20, 2012 at 09:35 AM
John, not to correct you, but you really should read http://letsfixlosal.com/blog/los-al-thursday-night-food-truck-line-ups-for-december-2012/ No food trucks for a while.
John Crandall December 20, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Hey met00 Thanks for the heads up, but according to the truck's online schedules (i just checked fresh fries, rancho ago go and crepes bonaparte) they're still coming to Los Al. However, you were right that part of it is not happening. According to St. Isidore's spokeswoman, there is no beer and wine garden that night, and i've updated the story accordingly. Thanks again for the info. Patch can't get everything right, but we can try. Happy Holidays :)
Dave Emerson December 21, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Hi John, Either you're burning the midnight oil or you set your excellent articles to auto post. Ivler burns the midnight oil, obviously. Maybe that's why he was voted one of the most influential bloggers in the OC. Our source that the trucks have been cancelled until 1/10/2013 is none other than Los Alamitos' top vote-getter in November, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Murphy, who posted the following comment on LetsFixLosAl.com last Friday, 2012/12/14 at 1:08 pm:: "Dave Sign at St Isadores said no more trucks until Jan 10 I got there at 6:30 last night and no trucks." You've obviously done your homework, but I have no choice but to stick with my source. Truckfest host, Chris Rocke of Rancho a Go Go never got back to me on the e-mail I sent him last week, plus the world is ending at 3:11 tomorrow morning, so we're going to stick with our story, no disrespect intended. Curious Patch Readers are encouraged to go for a winter night's drive this evening and see for themselves. If the trucks aren't there, we've listed a variety of excellent eateries within walking distance on LetsFixLosAl.com, where foodies can also post if the trucks showed up or not.: http://letsfixlosal.com/blog/los-al-thursday-night-food-truck-line-ups-for-december-2012/ There's some pretty nice Christmas lights around town as well. I don't always eat at food trucks, but when I do, I head to St. Isidore's & the U.S. Bank on Katella. Stay hungry, my friend.


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