Spiritual Impact of Solar Flares, Full Moons and Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

Sunday’s eclipse is called an ‘annular solar eclipse.’ This type of solar phenomenon produces a brilliant ring of light around the edges of the moon as it comes in front of the sun.

The past few weeks have produced some intense energy patterns. The one on May 5 had the ‘and after that sun spot AR1476 gave out some powerful solar flares. On Sunday, May 20, starting around 5:25 p.m., here in Southern Californa, we will have a solar eclipse which will be visible over most of North America, Asia and the Pacific region.

Sunday’s eclipse is called an ‘annular solar eclipse’. This type of solar phenomenon produces a brilliant ring of light around the edges of the moon as it comes in front of the sun.

Here's Sunday's eclipse schedule for Southern California:

  • 5:24 p.m.: Eclipse begins
  • 6:38 p.m.: Maximum eclipse
  • 7:42 p.m.: Eclipse ends
  • 7:52 p.m.: Sunset

In the past some people feared solar eclipses because it seemed that the moon gobbled up the life giving energy of the sun. Eclipses were seen as negative days and weddings, battles and important events were not scheduled on days of the eclipse.

Since ancient times people have looked to the sky and attuned to celestial events. Many deities, Gods and myths were created throughout history because of the power of the sun or moon in daily life. Monuments such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and others were built with amazing precision for their time based on the sojourn of our star. 

Many say that the full moon or sun because of their influence on the earth can also have impact on the human body, mind and conscious. Skeptics and most scientists would of course, disagree. Yet science does tell us that solar flares can impact electric grids, satellites and communications such as cell phones.

We know that the human body produces electrical connections in the synapses of the brain. Indeed we have heard the concept of the ‘body electric.’ It would be conceivable if the energy of the flares from the coronal mass ejections of a sunspot could also have an effect on humanity especially sensitive people.

Believers say that just as the moon moves the oceans and tides pulling them in and out, and feel that it can have the same type of pressure on humans as we are composed of around 60 to 75 percent water according to age and body type.

Police, counselors, hospital workers and perhaps even newspaper headlines will reflect that it is true that the moon can impact human behavior bringing out shall we say some unusual moods. Yet there has never been a conclusive scientific study on the subject. One has to wonder why if it would validate what we suspect or if there are just too many variables to account for. Yet we can simply look at history.

What Some People are Feeling

Right now many under the influence of this celestial tug of war in May are feeling anxiety, mood deviations such as overwhelming sadness and apprehension switching to elation, inability to sleep, appetite changes, swelling or pain in the body, out-of-body type feelings, unusual dreams, dreams or visitations from people who have passed on, shifts of consciousness, bursts of creativity, visits or memories from past relationships, relationships difficulties, pain in the body especially in the muscles and joints, and irritable buzz and more.

If these symptoms are concerning you in a more than normal way please see your doctor, counselor, or health professional. 

The Spiritual Impact

Teachers of many spiritual doctrines look at everything as energy or chi. Humans are energetic beings moving in a sea of energy. The celestial bodies are large interactive balls of chi. everything is connected on a large and small scale. 

One can think of the sun and solar system as the macro version of an atom with the sun as the nucleus. The old Hermetic idiom says ‘As above so below,’ meaning the large entity will impact on a small scale and vice versa.

We are in an amazing time in history, a phase of transformation. The sun, moon, earth and planets are all shifting as are we on their natural universal path of movement through the cosmos. If were create of stardust moving through this mix, creation is continuing to evolve.

All of this energy that is hitting the planet is indeed a part of our path of evolution or in other words, our ascending or shifting. The power of these changes is about helping us to raise our consciousness to a higher level or frequency where if possible we become aware of our interactive connections and work for more positive balance on the earth.

We all of course have free will and some will want the opposite or no change at all which is their right. Simply put: nature in all its celestial majesty is doing what it does to move or shift.

The feelings, pain and discomforts are our bodies, minds and spirits response to the energetic transformations around us. Some people experience these and others do not. You may even notice changes with animals.

How to Deal with This

If you do not believe or connect with this information then you will ignore it as usual. If it rings true with you begin to flow with the shifts, get help if you need it for discomfort. Most important it is to look within and begin to become aware of your multi-level consciousness. It is time to connect with the higher more positive levels of your being, heal the unresolved anger and pain within you, practice forgiveness of yourself and others and LAUGH!

Utilize gratitude and blessing in your daily life finding time to exercise, eat healthy, relax, meditate and be creative. We are all a part of this ride and it is about to get even more interesting as the earth reacts to the shifts and responds as well.

Be well and find the love that is your birth right. Peace always!

About this column: Debra Campbell is an intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, artist and healer. Over the past three decades she has completed 30,000 sessions in person, on stage, radio, TV or by phone for those seeking guidance.


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