Los Globos, SLNC, Neighbors to Work Together on Noise, Nuisance Issues

At a heated meeting Thursday night, club owner Steve Edelson agreed to work with the neighborhood council and neighbors before a possible Police Commission hearing on his Dance and Live entertainment permits.

Noise and crowds have long been an issue for the community that sits in the tiny valley below Silver Lake's famous Music Box Steps.

It isn't easy making peace with a the two-story dance and music club that has been cranking it out for decades.

Of late, a new owner, Los Feliz resident Steve Edelson, and new technologies, deep, electronic bass, has brought new pressure to the area, where parking is not easy and people live in close proximity to the club.

It's also brought new business and a new diversity of programming to the stretch, with rock, electronic and alt-Latino bookings now mixing it up with salsa and cumbia.

As previously reported here, Los Globos briefly went dark recently.

Rampart police shut it down until some issues around the club's live entertainment and dance permits were resolved.

Shows were cancelled, artists and promoters scrambled, .

But that permit will not become permanent until a hearing before the Los Angeles Police Commission.

That hearing has not yet been scheduled, though many expected the item to come before the Commission in January 2013.


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On Thursday Edelson, who also owns El Cid, and his attorneys agreed at a special meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to co-write a letter to the Police Commission asking that that hearing be delayed at least until February.

The goal was to give community members and club owners time to work together to develop strategies for dealing with parking, noise and public safety issues impacting the neighborhood around the club--ideally before that hearing.

A vote at the meeting also created a mechanism for community members, club owners and other stakeholders to do this work.

Board members in attendance voted unanimously to create an ad hoc committee charged with creating a list of "conditions" that could be attached to the club's permits. 

The hope was that those conditions will be developed by Jan. 30 with a Police Commission hearing coming no earlier than Feb. 7, 2013.

There is no guarantee that the commission will respond to the letter or any conditions recommended.

The SLNC has no formal role in the police commission's permitting process.

But a club owner's willingness to work with the community does generally enhance the change of getting the permits they need to stay in business.

Neighbors and others are skeptical but they say they don't want the club to close.

In fact on Thursday the board rebuffed a motion that would have recommended the club do so.

"We don't want to shut you down," said Nadine Trujillo, who has operated Alegria Restaurant on Sunset in Silver Lake for three decades. (She is also a SLNC board member.)

"But we have had meetings before to mitigate issues around noise and parking. You have a right to operate a business and neighbors have a right to sleep through the night."

Recently, the SLNC's Outreach Committee held a meeting at Los Globos as part of an effort to mend fences.

Edelson said he would be glad to continue meeting with the community whether or not the commission agrees to push back the hearing date.

J, F, December 16, 2012 at 08:36 AM
but in your right's don't get me wrong,
Voodoo truth December 16, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Kaylin, can you post the letter you say was written to neighbors, so we can all see the language?
Hector Huezo December 20, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Regardless of what's happened up to now, this is a commendable use of the Neighborhood Council to assist in mitigating and representing stakeholders concerns around the club, and the club's concerns around its business. I'd like to see updates on how the SLNC's role helped or didn't help the process. Thanks, Anthea.
Anthea Raymond December 20, 2012 at 11:49 PM
@You are welcome Hector. Yes, SLNC doing a great job. Also, of note: Los Globos is hosting a community party that starts at noon on Christmas Day. It's free and for everyone. AR
Jack December 26, 2012 at 10:39 AM
@Kaylin how long have you lived in Silverlake? I have lived in L.A. nearly 40 years & I have always known Silverlake to be a big attraction for night lifers & bar hoppers. I believe the club Los Globos has been around for a real long time. Long before you inhabited the neighborhood that's for sure. Sorry but it just boggles my mind when the trendy or naive move into a neighborhood with the hopes of robbing it of what it once was. Even if that means "cleaning it up" in your eyes. I lived in Silverlake for about 8 years & finally left about 4 years ago. As much as I loved the atmosphere you couldn't pay me enough to deal with the crime & lack of parking. What I'm trying to say is, if you want peace & quiet & a safe place to walk your dog at night.... move! I mean seriously, I wish cars wouldn't pass by my window at 7 in the morning or that birds wouldn't start chirping at 5 in the morning or that cats in heat wouldn't do the deed right outside my backyard. Maybe I should call up the MAN & ask him to fix all these things..... or maybe I should just deal with reality?


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