Death of a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees, short, tall, white or green, can be seen all over Laguna Niguel awaiting their final demise and pick- up from the trashman.

Whether you are a tree-hugger or not, you must admit it's pretty sad to see these trees awaiting their final demise all over the city.

Strewn across driveways, stuffed into trash bins or bagged, it's looking a lot like death of a Christmas tree around town.

Ever wonder how long it takes a Christmas tree to grow? According to the experts, "it depends on the type of tree that it is and the size you want. Of course the bigger the tree the longer it takes to grow. For your average home tree it takes anywhere from 9 to 11 years. For the massive commercial trees it can take hundreds of years."

Christmas tree collection in Laguna Niguel began in Dec. 26 and will run for a 2-week period through Jan. 8, 2013. If your tree is over 6-feet tall, please cut it in half and place it at the curb next to or inside your green waste cart (if you have one) on your regular collection day.

CR&R tree collectors will come by on your collection day, so there's no need to call CR&R. Please remember to remove all ornaments, lights and stands. Flocked trees are not recyclable an should be placed in the black cart.

For additional information, please visit CR&R's web site for more information.


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