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Charities Seek Help via 'Giving Tuesday'

Have a favorite nonprofit to which you'd love people to send donations? List it in the comments and spread the love.

First, there was Black Friday, which begat Cyber Monday. And just for fun, we got a Gray Thursday thrown into the deal.

Now comes “Giving Tuesday.” 

As the name implies, Giving Tuesday is designed to focus your energies on others less fortunate, not the materialism characterized by the other November “days.” Of course, if we made Giving Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we might have a little more to give!

Among the founding partners of this collaboration between charities and corporations are the Salvation Army, City of Hope, United Way and even AOL's Huffington Post.

If you're ready to write a check, Forbes offers a handy article to avoid mistakes when giving to charities.

So, what charities are you considering in your end-of-year giving? If you're a nonprofit, post a link to your cause. Who knows? Maybe we survived all the shopping madness and live to give again.

Dana Butler-Moburg November 27, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Thank you for posting this article! If you don't have a favorite charity, it's a great time to find one. It can be a family project, or something that speaks to you personally. Whether you have a passion for helping kids, working with animals, the arts, literacy, the environment, there are many worthy organizations in our community of San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. The Shea Center is in San Juan Capistrano and we focus on serving the needs of people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs. We will see nearly 700 people this year in our programs. With only 13 full time staff and 11 part time and contract staff, we have over 200 community volunteers each week. (Many are teens) Children learn to walk, adults learn to live their lives again after traumatic injuries, parents and caregivers have hope for their loved ones. Every day is good day at The Shea Center. We are here in San Juan Capistrano and are 34 years old. We use the unique environment of an equestrian facility and combine that with physical, occupational and speech therapy services to help our clients ages 2 - 80. (81 percent of our clients are children under age 18.) Schedule a visit by calling 949-240-8441 x109 and learn more about us on our website at www.sheacenter.org. Have a great holiday season and thanks for giving to any organization that is special to you. It makes the community a better place. Dana Butler-Moburg Executive Director The Shea Center
Andromeda November 27, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Sorry. I don't give to organized charities. I cut out the middleman. My choice is to find the needly families and provide assistance hand to hand. I refuse to pay these massive salaries recieved by the fat cats who run these so-called 'non-profits' and 'charitable' organizations. Go look at their salaries for yourselves. The District Directors of some of these large organizations pull down $200,000 or more a year!!! How many hungry mouths could $200,000 feed?? So I urge everyone to do as I do. Seek out the family who need and deserve assistance. Those who are down on their luck by no fault of their own. And give DIRECTLY to them. Not to some inanimate black hole where you have no idea where your money goes. Why pay some big shot a a non-profit a massive salary when you can cut the middleman out and give DIRECTLY to the needy families??? Think it over!!!
Bolt November 27, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Hello and thank you for this opportunity! I feel there is no better cause to help out with than keeping our roads safer. Thats why my favorite charity group is Text Kills (www.textkills.com). They are a LOCAL, community based group that works with schools, law enforcement, organizations and other like minded groups that wish to put a STOP to distracted driving, as well as cyber bullying. This is not a group dedicated to a small portion of our community, as everyone who leaves their house is at risk of being involved in a distracted driving accident. We all need to group together to help make a safer world for to live in; I have personally witnessed Text Kills and their crew work hard, 7 days a week, in order to create a better place. Text Kills has been around since 2010 and have acquired pledges from students all over the nation, people making a difference in peoples lives on a daily basis. They have been featured in media all over the nation and sow no signs of slowing down.Their hard work makes it safer for YOU on the roads. Whether you are a part of Text Kills or not, you benefit from their consistent hard work. I have donated to them many times, it is easy with PayPal; their email address to take donations is TextKills@gmail.com. SEE their magic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1q7YmQiu4M
Penny Arévalo November 28, 2012 at 07:27 AM
Here's another from the Friends of the Library Good article. Thank you for this opportunity. The SJC Friends of the Library appreciates all these wonderful organizations and is an all-volunteer organization also worthy of consideration of tax-deductible dollars and your volunteer time. A few hours a week is most appreciated in our bookstore, a wonderful community literary resource. We love/appreciate our volunteers and need more of you. If you’re too busy, consider a monetary donation. Your help will continue programs that are part of the essence of the library itself, or used to help us relocate or operate our bookstore. Save the date, sponsor a table or buy a ticket to our “Night of the Arts” gala April 20, 2013. Or, become a member (Individual: $10, Family: $25, Business: $50, Lifetime: $100). Send donations to: SJC Friends of the Library, 31495 El Camino Real, SJC 92675; donate by credit card by calling (949) 218-4512. Thank you for your consideration, generosity and support. It is people like you that make our community and our library a nicer place to live, learn and read. Mary D SJC Friends of the Library, Inc. IRS No. 45-3704662
Charles November 28, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Islamic Relief USA http://www.irusa.org/ Little Hen Rescue http://www.littlehenrescue.co.uk Charles Manson Truth http://www.mansondirect.com/


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